Journey of The Scroll [RPG][IGMC2017]

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Journey of The Scroll [RPG][IGMC2017]

#1 Post by Kokoro Hane » Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:36 pm

Tofu Sheets Visual presents---


"Upon orders of The Queen, a young mechanic named Marvin is sent out on a journey to find the legendary Heroine who will aid his journey in delivering an important scroll to The Other Kingdom, ruled by The Red Headed King. Unfortunately, this "Heroine" is quite the chore to get along with due to her pride and arrogance, delaying their mission. With the help of his Queen's loyal Scholar and a mysterious, gorgeous fairy... will Marvin and his crew successfully complete his mission before they lose their sanity?"

- Story-driven RPG, so lots of dialogue!
- Approximately an hour of gameplay
- While not everything, a lot of inanimate objects can be interacted with
- Sprinkles of voice acting on some event cutscenes
- 3 possible endings
- MV's Side-View Battle System
- My usual odd brand of humour and storytelling
- References linking to our previous RPG


(NOTE: Mac and Linux coming soon! Currently it's Windows Only)


Well. this was certainly a hectic jam! I can tell you stories of my frustrations with RPG Maker MV (despite the new stuff I love, the inability to use .mp3 drove me mad) as well as the fact that due to certain unforseen circumstances the game doesn't reach what it could be and probably won't 'till I can produce a Version 2 (as this was supposed to have fully voiced cutscenes like our previous RPG, but alas, I had to use this method as I still want the missing to appear in this project). Despite, I had grown fond of the story the more and more I worked with it and I hope to bring this game to my original vision with fully voiced scenes in the future and maybe add one new area which was hinted in one of the towns. But for now please enjoy it for what it is, and perhaps its flaws will make it more amusing in its own right and will give you a taste of what it's supposed to be in the future. Meeting jam deadlines can do this to you, but I now have more knowledge for how to use the engine and fun stories to tell! If we're allowed to update our builds during the contest time, there are some minor fixes I'll be correcting (there aren't any game-breaking bugs, just I forgot to put music in some places and a couple lines were too loud for example).
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