DREAM SAVIOR GAKUEN - ReDraw [Out Now!, BxB, GxB, Drama, Mystic, Free]

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Re: DREAM SAVIOR GAKUEN - ReDraw [Out Now!, BxB, GxB, Drama, Mystic, Free]

#16 Post by Bianchii » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:47 pm


No joke, your game was the first, or one of the first iirc, that I didn't mind playing as a gender I don't identify with (I think it was an all male school or something like that? I remember I felt like I was playing a male anyway haha). I thought the story more than made up for it, but this time we get to be a girl? You can say I'm 10000% pleased by this unexpected development. I'm gonna play and will post again when I'm done with it. Be warned though, I am a person who likes to play only 1 route (though I think I played all routes last time, it was that good haha). Congrats again!

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Re: DREAM SAVIOR GAKUEN - ReDraw [Out Now!, BxB, GxB, Drama, Mystic, Free]

#17 Post by illuminate001 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:45 am

Hi Bianchii,

Aww thank you! Yeah it was a fun look into the past for me and def a labor of love. I'm so glad to hear that you remembered the old one and are now gonna give the new release a go! Whoo hoo! What else did you like best about DSG other than the story?

Yeah so it takes place in an Art College, it's co-op but you never see a female character as the only characters you interact with are the romance options. In the original the MC was ambiguous but I know I did slip up slightly here and there, like Polar calling you "dude" and being called "boy"...but all that is removed in this latest version. So 100% truly ambiguous! However, I think it's done in a way that you won't notice the absence of pronouns or descriptive lines about your appearance like hair(length) or what you're wearing (kilt and hairpin VS shirt and tie etc.). So you don't get to play a girl directly but you can def imagine yourself in the role of whatever gender you are. :)

Oh no worries I usually only ever play 1-2 routes per VN anyways, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the revamp after you've finished! See you soon!

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