Togetherness - Released! [psychological|romance|short|free]

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Togetherness - Released! [psychological|romance|short|free]

#1 Post by Azura » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:11 am

❥ Togetherness is a very short (~10-15 minutes) kinetic novel that I created over the span of only 5 days to test out Degica's new Visual Novel Maker.

❥ You play as Joshua, a thoughtful man on a date with his bubbly wife Karen. They're very much in love, and nothing will tear them apart.

❥ Download link (Windows/Mac/Linux):

❥ All art/music assets in this game are premade (public domain/cc/etc.) with some editing by me! I wanted to test how far I could go with premade resources. Thanks so much to the creators of all the different assets!

❥ Got any feedback for me? I'd appreciate it! Although Togetherness was a very short-lived project, I plan to put out full-length works like it in the future!
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Re: Togetherness - Released! [psychological|romance|short|free]

#2 Post by Treladon » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:24 pm

Hi! Nice game! Well-paced for being so short and you succeed at making the emotions very strong all the way through. One thing you may want to work on fixing though is that, while the dialogue was advanced using the Enter key, when the newspaper clipping came up, the only way I could get past it was by clicking. A very minor bug, but if you plan on doing a game with a lot of that sort of thing, it may get annoying. Great experiment! I wish you luck continuing with this in the future!
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