Ghost Discoverers [Supernatural][Point-and-Click][Free/Short]

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Ghost Discoverers [Supernatural][Point-and-Click][Free/Short]

#1 Post by Sleepy » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:16 pm

Ghost Discoverers
Download HERE: Dropbox
"My name is Zoe Lark. I believe in ghosts. At the end of this episode, you will too. This time, on GHOST DISCOVERERS, we discover… The Dyer House."

Armed with your trusty radio, explore the Dyer house and find hotbeds of activity and uncover the truth of the Dyer House's dark past.
Recently made this in this year's Global Game Jam for the theme, Transmission. In Ghost Discoverers, you play as Zoe Lark, a ghost hunter who arrives at the Dyer House to investigate the story of Lady Bianca Dyer, a woman reportedly lured and trapped young women to replace her deceased daughter. Originally this game was developed in Unity but it was later ported to Ren’Py during the jam. I helped design the Ren’Py version of game and the game's narrative.

The game includes:
  • Five-ten minutes playtime, depending on reading speed.
  • Two endings, depending on how many clues are found throughout the game.
Known bugs:
  • Punctuation missing, due to font choice.
  • NVL text not properly cleared during endings.



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