ERROR: Human Not Found [Free][Sci-Fi][Puzzle][Steam]

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ERROR: Human Not Found [Free][Sci-Fi][Puzzle][Steam]

#1 Post by Dae-Kalina » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:44 pm

Hey everyone!
Just popping in to drop a note to let you all know about ERROR: Human Not Found. I was the lead designer on the project, and got to work with a bunch of talented folks in bringing this project to light (we were all students at the time as well, so please keep that in mind :D )

It's 2167, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality. You play as Grace Fortran, a snarky computer scientist who designs neural networks for housing AI's in android bodies. Grace works on-board the Noah Sphere, a research station in space charged with the preservation of humanity. Instead of celebrating the success of the first AI being uploaded to a physical android, Grace is racing to clear her name in the death of the AI who was found dead less than 24 hours after the upload. Work together with another AI, Ada, to search for clues, question suspects, and solve four kinds of computer-science related puzzles in this science-fiction visual-novel/puzzle/point-and-click game hybrid. Determine the fate of AIs and their relationship with humanity with three endings to this murder mystery. Unlock databases that give background information about the real-life computer scientists, mathematicians, and roboticists that the characters share names with.

  • 3 endings that determine the fate of AI in this
  • 4 types of computer-science based puzzles to solve with 3 difficulties each
  • Notes (in the journal) that can be reviewed for assistance on the puzzles
  • Interactive journal that unlocks different entries based on the path you choose
  • Unlockable database entries that provide facts and background on the people (or concepts) the characters were named after
  • Custom soundtrack with 9 tracks available in a music gallery (after playing through once) and more ambient tracks
  • Unlockable puzzle gallery that features every variation of puzzle available
  • Multiple areas to explore and search for clues
  • A wide variety of characters to interview
Play length is generally a couple hours, depending on your reading speed and how fast you solve the puzzles. Get it here on steam! (For PC only)
If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to leave them here or on steam. Thanks for your time!

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