Goddess Complex I-V Supreme Edition now for free

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Goddess Complex I-V Supreme Edition now for free

#1 Post by gtswaifuism » Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:00 am

Features 20 hours of addictive gameplay, this supreme collection contains all games, i.e Goddess Complex I, II, III, IV and V


The game is not a VN, but a very story-heavy RPG with VN elements, especially in the game 5 that has a lot of VN scenes.

It has mature content, especially the first 3 games that are eroge.
  • The collection of the first 3 games is the 30th best rated RPG on itch.io at the moment(March 12 2018).
  • Contains 5 games, the first 3 of them are RPG Maker MV(highly customized), 4th is made in Unreal Engine and has exciting features, the last is a very innovative Visual Novel with RPG elements.
  • This collection is yet untested by players(the games have been tested individually), so feedback is extremely helpful. Also, the game page is looking ugly because I haven't had the time to customize it yet, but I guarantee the game is not.
I don't want to disclose too much spoilers, but a brief overview of what the game has:

Contains: Harem; Free use; 100% female society(except MC); GiantGirls; Comedy; Super Power; Hentai.

Q: Who is the audience for the game?
A: Targeted at people who like hentai or anime, but others will probably also enjoy.

Q: How much is it?
A: 100% free... No, we actually even give you free art under the creative commons, so it's even cheaper than free.

Q: Ok, I played the game and it was mind-blowing, how can I help?
A: Give a 5 star rating on itch.io, or share the game on social media or youtube.

Q: I don't like Windows, I have Linux, Mac or Android, how am I supposed to play?
A: There are versions for those platforms for the first 2 games, more will come if people share the games. https://gtswaifuism.itch.io/god-complex-gts-i and https://gtswaifuism.itch.io/god-complex-ii-gts

Q: Why is it free? It could sell for a high price.
A: So everyone can play it, and hopefully share it.

Those who are willing to write a short review or criticism will have access to my secret page that will probably have a lot of, if not all of my next games available for download, even if they are paid (no guarantees)

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