Husbando Rater [NaNo 2018] [Parody]

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Husbando Rater [NaNo 2018] [Parody]

#1 Post by dyaoka » Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:46 pm

I am very proud and unashamed to present to you this project for NaNo18...

insert fangirl screams here

The project is a comedy/parody/light hearted game centered around a world torn asunder by warring factions of fans, all claiming their own Rightful Husbando is the best. (If unfamiliar, the concept of fan armies is a bit like Beliebers, Swifties, etc., except this game has nothing to do with music.) You, the player, have been hired and tasked by Rater Inc to rate these Husbandos. How you rate them is entirely up to you; whether by appearance or by judgement of character or any other reason. Your only task is to rate the Husbandos...and keep your job.

-H U S B A N D O S *******
-Decision making!
-4 possible endings! (+1 secret ending)
-Play throughs will be slightly different!
-A bite-sized game taking 5-7min to complete!


Thanks for checking this project out! :>


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Re: Husbando Rater [NaNo 2018] [Parody]

#2 Post by Kokoro Hane » Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:50 pm

This looks incredibly funny! I'll definitely be downloading it~
I already see a Pokemon ref <3
EDIT: Okay, got a chance to play! I got like 5 endings?
Best ending, OK ending, Bad ending, Worst ending, Shrik ending. It sucks we never find the Serial Defactor, or is there another secret ending to come? lol.
I loved this game, it was really funny and I liked the different art styles of the husbandos. Oh fandom wars, they are so annoying no matter what the fandom so it is fun to see a game poke fun of it and exaggerate. Only problem is I wish it was longer~
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Re: Husbando Rater [NaNo 2018] [Parody]

#3 Post by dyaoka » Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:01 am

Thank you, Kokoro Hane! :D Yup, looks like you got all the endings. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

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Re: Husbando Rater [NaNo 2018] [Parody]

#4 Post by Zelan » Thu May 24, 2018 1:31 pm

Haha, this game was a lot of fun. Professor Tree was a great parody character. Plus, the art was gorgeous! I didn't get all of the references but I really liked this game's sense of humor.

roger stevenson is best husbando

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