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Whale's Waldo [romance][travel][Nano18]

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:55 am
by PMscenarios

Set out on a journey to find your childhood friend, and maybe you'll find so much more in the process

We managed to finish our group Nanoreno project and we're really proud of the result!
Download Here!

Whale's Waldo is a world-traveling, romance-fueled adventure, where you -- Ocean [default name] -- set out to find your old childhood friend Waldo -- a Sperm Whale -- after he's mysteriously stopped writing you letters about his travels.
Every new location brings unique events and exotic boys to romance, but be careful, every adventure comes with its own risks -- and rewards.

The Boys:
Stein (Bodø, Norway)
Stein is a common Sea Urchin you meet on the ferry to Lofoten, who both loves singing, and is overwhelmingly defensive about it. If you manage to break through his protective shell, you might just gain a seafaring companion and a shared dream.

Octavio (Anilao, Philippines)
Octavio, the Blue-Ringed octopus, runs a small hotel in a faraway corner of the Philippines. Initially hostile, if you respect his boundaries (or not?) maybe he'll tell you about his poisonous past.

Leonard (San Francisco, US)
San Francisco might be a big city, but sometimes the smallest things can cause the biggest ripples. Leonard the Leaf Sheep sea slug offers a guided tour of the sights, if you can just get him to remember your name.

Jacob (Colorado Springs, US)
In a local bakery in Colorado you come across a huge personality. If you don't let his salesman tactics overwhelm you, you'll find yourself with a life-time supply of tarts and sweets.

Waldo (??)
Your childhood friend and trusted companion, who left to travel the world a bit over a year ago. If you can find him, you might realize that this huge guy hides an even bigger secret.

(Gui template by lunachaili, bg design by Scribbles)

Whale's Waldo features:
  • 30k words
  • 5 unique locations and characters to get to know
  • 9 different endings
  • 18 unlockable achievements

Marine Dateologists consists of:
Project Manager:

Head Writer and Programmer:
Bob Conway


Knickers PJ


Re: Whale's Waldo [romance][travel][Nano18]

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:55 am
by Mammon
A real nice story with some real nice characters! Personally I considered this a befriending rather than a romance story (then again I'm male so...), but even then this was real nice and fitting! I liked how all the sprites looked chibi without being chibi and the story was so casual until I started replaying it and found out just how many death scenes there really are. First playthrough I only ended up killing the snail, and that wouldn't have happened if probably-best-choice of waiting for him wouldn't have been his death flag. Then again, the first two were my favourites with the snail and the shark not that much. This because the distant and mean outer shell of the urchin and the octopus lend themselves better for the friendship to be realistic quick befriending, friends are slim pickings for them. And in between the lines I was the American being the money-bags paying for stuff (and really, isn't that the true start of any friendship?)

Re: Whale's Waldo [romance][travel][Nano18]

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:57 am
by bobconway
Mammon wrote:
Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:55 am
I only ended up killing the snail, and that wouldn't have happened if probably-best-choice of waiting for him wouldn't have been his death flag.
This was intentional, because I liked the idea that the "obvious" choice wasn't always the correct one. :)
(Given that there were 3 other guys, it seemed less important that you could correctly "save" all of them the first time through.)

But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Re: Whale's Waldo [romance][travel][Nano18]

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:51 pm
by poorlyformed
omg, this game was so cute! I've only played through it once so far, but I adore all of the characters. The character design is *chefkiss*.

Re: Whale's Waldo [romance][travel][Nano18]

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:58 pm
by Zelan
This game is so well-done! You guys really strike the perfect balance between a jokey game and a more serious tone. I really loved all five love interests and their stories, but my favorite by far has to be Leonard. I got his ending first and it was too sweet. <3 Octavio was a close second, though - apparently I love tsunderes no matter what form they take. :>

The cartoony art and photographed backgrounds fit together surprisingly well - the backgrounds are all beautiful! Kudos to whoever took the photos.