Learning in Love! [GxB, GxG, comedy]

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Learning in Love! [GxB, GxG, comedy]

#1 Post by ebi-hime » Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:33 pm

This visual novel can be downloaded for free on windows, mac, and linux through itch.io.

Oh no! Our heroine is in trouble!

Ceren is a cute high school girl who has one major problem – she’s failing practically all of her classes! She needs some help before its too late, but is there anybody out there who has the patience to teach her?!

Read the story from Ceren’s perspective, choose which subject you want to focus on, and see who your tutor will be. With six different tutors and six possible outcomes, perhaps Ceren will make new friends, new enemies, or even fall in love! ☆

6 individual character routes, with 3 boys and 3 girls
Around 60,000 words
Familiar faces from other ebi-hime stories
Custom artwork by Kuroneko and DarkChibiShadow
A custom OST by TyberAlyx
GUI by WinterMochie
A collection of art pieces from the visual novel that can be downloaded for $0.99
A super sweet and light-hearted story ☆



I have a lot of commercial VNs available on Steam here if you wanna check! u///u
With a yandere dating sim, a moemoe moege about cute grills and food, a sad GxG story, a sad GxB story, there should be something for everyone <3

/ shameless plugging

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