Painting Your Skin [Nano2018][Horror][KN]

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Painting Your Skin [Nano2018][Horror][KN]

#1 Post by Sunlit-Dreamer » Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:33 pm


WARNING: It is recommended that headphone users lower the volume!

(16+, disturbing sounds, implied blood and gore.)

Note: Will be updating in the future with remastered music to balance out the volume.

Download here


A pair of siblings, Jamison and Emilia, had been invited over for a double sleepover at their best friends' house. The parents go out on a date night, leaving Jamison and Victor in charge. It's only later that Emilia and Kirsten barge into the living room, crying that something tried to grab one of them. As proof, there was a large bruise wrapping around Emilia. Looking inside the bedroom, there was a distorted arm, slowly opening the window.



Emilia, Jamison's precious little sister. He can't help but be overprotective when it concerns her.


Kirsten, Victor's rambunctious little sister. Not afraid to step up to teenagers, but knows when she'll need help.


Victor, Jamison's best friend. They've known each other since elementary school, bonding over a bullying incident.

Our Team

Sunlit-Dreamer: Writer, Programmer, CG and GUI Artist
banannasquid: BG Artist
GhostCracker: Sprite Artist
D.ray: Composer, Audio Producer

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