Placeholder [Psychological Thriller][Metanarrative][Horror?][Free]

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Placeholder [Psychological Thriller][Metanarrative][Horror?][Free]

#1 Post by Davidk » Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:29 pm

Okay, so a bit of backstory here. This was supposed to just be a test to prove to myself that I was actually capable of making a visual novel and was never meant to be released to the public. Almost everything but the writing consists of royalty-free placeholder assets as a means of getting used to Ren'py (before starting on this, I had zero coding knowledge and I still pretty much know nothing). The story itself was to be a very partial adaptation of one of my indie novels just to see how it would work in a visual format.

But as I put more and more work into it and because I'm a weirdo, I started thinking about the concept of placeholders in general. So it kind of transformed into something else entirely and now I'm just sitting here asking myself "why did I make this?" But I figured it's unique enough for at least a few people to find it enjoyable, so might as well just slap it on the internet somewhere.

Length: Around an hour and a half.

Synopsis (taken from the novel this is based on):

Seven people wake up in a strange facility. None of them remember how they got there or why. With no way of figuring out their situation, they decide to explore the mysterious building.

A camera on the ceiling, steel-plated walls, rooms that shouldn't exist; the deeper they venture, the more confused they get. When impossible things begin to happen, the group struggles to keep their grip on reality—and their lives.

And a screenshot:

Art assets from:

Lemmasoft's own Elze (Elzee)
Skimlines on DeviantArt

Music Resources from:

Musmus (
Asobeat (
Arn Andersson & Nights Amore
DJ Rolfsky
Ivan Chew
Alexander Hoff
Yuri Santana

Download it here for PC and here for Mac. Will put it in more places than just Mediafire if anyone actually likes it.

So yeah, enjoy :D

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