Truce for a Moment (NaNoRenO 09)

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Re: Truce for a Moment (NaNoRenO 09)

#16 Post by greenheartnellie » Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:39 am

Just finished the game! :D I like the 3D art, it made everything more realistic. I had hoped it to be longer though. As for the puzzles, I figured out the number logic thing immediately. It was easy. The words were easy too, except for the longer ones because my brain can't seem to process them. So I had no choice but to use this and those words turned out to be easier than I first thought
took me forever to unscramble 'paradise' and 'hamburger' without help
:lol: As for the colors, I used the link of the guide you gave so it helped me a bit. Most of the time I confused the sound of a certain color with another one, so I just had to try again and again until I got it. As for the story, I really wished it was longer but
Norian already killed 'me' I guess and he mocked me with that bloody ring
so...that's just it xD
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Re: Truce for a Moment (NaNoRenO 09)

#17 Post by Aashtarsrain » Tue May 01, 2012 5:13 am

:wink: Thanks for the review. It's great to know people are still interested and playing it ! :D

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