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Ambrosia's [Friendship Sim, real-time Mystery, optional Romance]

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 6:56 pm
by Dreamgazer

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Genre: Friendship/Bestie Sim, (real-time) Mystery & optional Romance
Platforms: PC, Mac and Linux
Rating: 13+ for suggestive themes, mild violence, some disturbing imagery and intense situations
Length: ~10 min.

♥ Welcome to Ambrosia’s! ♥
Did you ever wish you could have a big sister - or maybe just a best friend? Ambrosia of the Phoenix will offer you unequivocal love, support and companionship! (For gentlemen, perhaps even more than that?)

You can share your troubles, play games together and confide your deepest, darkest secrets…

Befriend, Text and Investigate ♥
Oh, and there's a mystery here, too. Interrogate her and do things with her to gather clues. For the best results, balance your Relationship with Ambrosia and order your actions carefully.


♥ Over 90+ Choices. You get to choose your gender, name, and every dialogue choice. You call the shots and run this show!

♥ Text with Your Phone. Don't forget that you can text the two contacts on your phone! Or ignore them - it's your choice. (By the way, ladies, you might receive a flirty text from X. Well, as long as you've specified your relationship as him being the one pursuing you...) If you rather forget about the investigation and focus on your relationship with Ambrosia, we don't recommend touching your phone.

♥ Connected to Real-Time. While not necessary to observe, you can gather different clues depending on what time it is in real life. Feel free to simulate coming and going by exiting the game...and then coming right back in!


♥ Receive Love and Support! If you want someone to talk to, sit right there and don’t make any choices. Being the gentle sweetheart she is, she’ll try to make conversation! She always hopes to make you smile.

Warning: Be careful with making a Major Decision. After the prologue, there is no rewind button. Neither can you reload a save. In real life, a detective only gets one chance, right? So make every choice count. If you make an irreversible mistake, you may delete the game and re-download it. Please view the "How to Play" in-game for more details.

Addendum: This cute, super short game presents you with a Mystery Scenario to tickle your brain. Expect to find the Answer Key in the upcoming Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces).

Addendum 2: If you would like to swap notes with other players, please consider joining our Discord.[/list]

Get Involved, Be Heard ♥

Vote on what you want to do next! We will update the game according to your input some time in the near future.

After all, you're the detective. After gathering all the existing clues, what do you want to do next? Where do you want to take your relationship? Is there a question you want to ask or a particular action you want to take? Nothing is too serious or silly for us!


Please let us know which Art Style you prefer, too. This will directly affect the art that is more likely to appear in Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces).

Contact Us ♥

Please support us on Patreon!

This game will also includes updates for Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces). The one with the Answer Key. For that purpose, this game will receive updates periodically!

At the same time, we’ll include additional content for Ambrosia’s based on your answers to the survey linked in-game. Do your best to investigate and gather what clues you can before solving the mystery in Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces)! If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest announcements, then get in touch with us!
  • tumblr. Our main website! Follow us for sneak peeks and more…
  • Twitter. Use #xplayingpieces to talk about this universe.
♥ Enjoy your stay at Ambrosia's! ♥

Thank you for coming, and we hope to see you again soon.
Please feel free to comment with your thoughts! It's a bit experimental, so I'd love to hear what you think of it.