Detect: prologue [free][Fantasy | Thriller | Comedy]

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Detect: prologue [free][Fantasy | Thriller | Comedy]

#1 Post by Dekimori » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:13 am

Detect: Prologue


Type: Fantasy, Detective, Thriller, Comedy
Duration: ~ 1 hour
Platform: Win/Linux, MacOS (ENG/RUS)
Download: Free on itch io
Team: Narrative nine
Rating: 15+ (~ ESRB T)


Find the mystery of the Ilswid mansion!

The path to knowledge is a tricky thing. What dangers could await on a path to wisdom of a pure genious? Especialy if that genious is a Sempai with a taste for magic oddities. It was with such a Sempai that young man Thomas was unlucky.

From Author

My first ever try to game dev and visual novels.
This is actually a teaser of the world that would opened with the next big projects.
Was it enjoyable?
Even a bit? heh~

If any unexpected issues occur, please be so kind to leave a reply wherever you like.
And... sorry for the bad english, i had no money for a good translation, but tried to make my best.

Any reply is appreciated.

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