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Well Met by Moonlight [BxB][Yaoi Jam]

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:08 pm
by parttimestorier
Available for free on!

A short kinetic novel made for Yaoi Game Jam 2018. Approximately half an hour of reading.

David's life isn't going quite like he imagined it would. The only place he could find work after college turned out to be an isolated small town, and the stress of his new job combined with the unfamiliarity of his surroundings is giving him trouble sleeping. One restless night, he takes a walk through the nearby forest and meets Ron, a cheerful stranger who's sympathetic to his problems. But a gap in his memories the next morning makes him wonder whether their encounter was only a dream.

This is my second completed visual novel. :D If you check it out, please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improving in the future!

Re: Well Met by Moonlight [BxB][Yaoi Jam]

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:03 am
by Zelan
This was a super sweet VN! ^_^ The story was simple but well-written. David really had a lot of depth as a character, which is impressive given the length of the story. I also liked how you gave enough clues to lead the reader to the truth about Ron, but it was also easy to see how David wouldn't have pieced it together.

I also really liked the art - the style was cute and clean, and I liked that you had versions with different lighting for different scenes, that was a great detail. You all did a great job on this VN and I enjoyed reading it. c:

Re: Well Met by Moonlight [BxB][Yaoi Jam]

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:26 am
by parttimestorier
Zelan wrote:
Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:03 am
This was a super sweet VN! ^_^ . . .
Thanks Zelan! I'm really glad you liked it. My artist definitely did a great job - it was his idea to do the lighting variations and I think it really ended up adding a lot! He also worked on another game for yaoi jam that I helped edit, Strawberry Daiquiri, so you might enjoy that one too. :D