Two Travellers [Commercial] [Mystery, Fantasy]

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Two Travellers [Commercial] [Mystery, Fantasy]

#1 Post by darc-rose » Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:42 am


Two Travellers is a short mystery visual novel. The story set at a strange town which is always night with dreams of the citizens displayed at the wall of the buildings and one girl who lived inside it. The girl wandered around the town almost aimlessly until two travellers came to that town, both brought their own purposes. As the story went, each of the characters’ motive became clear including the girl herself.

Check the game at this link:

Cast :
Image Image Image

Heroine: The heroine of this story. She lived all alone at the town with her cat. Her name will be revealed at one of the routes and certain endings.
Cyrill : A mysterious traveller.
Haines : Another mysterious traveller.

Recommended Order:
There are only 2 routes here, but make sure you finish Haines' route first.

- 2 Routes + 1 Extra Story (unlocked after finish one of the route)
- 10 Endings (6 Bad endings and 2 Endings for each route)
- 9 CG art

Image Image
Image Image

Art : drye
Story : QC
BGM : (hidden_place & silent_motion)

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Re: Two Travellers [Commercial] [Mystery, Fantasy]

#2 Post by philip » Fri Aug 24, 2018 2:04 pm


Downloaded the demo on my mac and began to play through. When I got to the first choice (whether to turn left or right), I chose the left path, and after a few more clicks, I got an exception; many more clicks got more exceptions . . . I was not about to move any further. I returned to my save and chose "right", and am able to proceed. I'll explore that path further.

I did notice that the English grammar is awkward in some places, so apparently English is not your first language, or else you weren't paying attention in class. Not a major problem, but it would be better for the story if it were fixed.

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