Valerie's Rest [Short] [Free] [Family_Friendly] [Heartwarming]

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Valerie's Rest [Short] [Free] [Family_Friendly] [Heartwarming]

#1 Post by Plotline_Progenitor » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:06 pm

"In the peaceful little town of Valerie's Rest people lived a simple life. Despite the advances in technology people would still write letters, picnics were common on the weekends, and people thought of strangers as friends they hadn't met yet"

"But the people of Valerie's rest would tell strange stories now and then about a kindhearted young lady accompanied by a talking bird, some would even claim the girl herself had wings"

"As it turns out... they weren't just stories"

Valerie's rest is a very short kinetic novel about a few people in a small town who encounter an angel girl who helps them with some kind of problem that they face. It's meant to be a short sweet family friendly story that leaves you feeling good inside.

This particular story is about the efforts of Měilǚ (the angel) to help a young man retrieve a script from the all-girl high school his sweetheart used to attend which they worked on together, along the way she befriends and restores the confidence of a young girl to submit her script to the same contest they did all those years ago.

After a long time and many setbacks, this small kinetic novel is finally complete with all features I aimed to include and is ready for public release, given the slow progress of this project the release isn't in the most current version of Ren'Py so the formatting may look a bit old and the window a bit small
Link for Windows/PC
Link for Macintosh

There is also a mobile version on the google play store
Google play version
(I've also tested typing Valerie's Rest in on the google play store on my phone and it shows up)

The man in plaid:
Thread Man in plaid.png
Thread Man in plaid.png (18.24 KiB) Viewed 343 times
A sensitive and somewhat awkward man who returned briefly to his hometown of Valerie's Rest in search of a script he and his sweet-heart wrote for a contest when they were in the early years of high school

Thread Meilu.png
Thread Meilu.png (31.99 KiB) Viewed 343 times
A blonde girl who just so happens to be sitting nearby when the man in plaid encounters difficulties in finding the script. Kind and helpful though lacking a little common sense she volunteers to help him out, revealing herself to be an angel in the process unaware that there's anything unusual about this

Thread Seanen.png
Thread Seanen.png (10.38 KiB) Viewed 343 times
A talking dove who serves as Měilǚ's more level-headed companion. Despite being a bird he seems much more informed on the workings of the human world than the angel girl he follows

Thread Misaki.png
Thread Misaki.png (19.22 KiB) Viewed 343 times
A cunning and somewhat egotistical student council girl who decides to use Meilu to solve a problem of her own in exchange for the script in question, a little bit of a smart-ass and sometimes engages in mind games with people

Thread Yume.png
Thread Yume.png (16.39 KiB) Viewed 343 times
A creative but somewhat shy and anxious young girl who is losing confidence in herself worrying that she is being too childish for writing fairy tales at her age

I intend to continue the Valerie's Rest series but it won't remain in a kinetic novel format, I intend to continue the Valerie's Rest series as an audio series or podcast in order to hopefully speed up the pace at which I can release episodes of the story. I have a casting call open looking for voice actors on that right now
the end result will look something like this (Or a downloadable audio file)

I'm also still working a visual novel, but it's a separate story with no connection to the Valerie's Rest series and it may take a long time before I feel I've reached a stage I can publicly share what currently exists of it

Story: Plotline_Progenitor
Coding: Plotline progenitor
Character art: Puffbun
CG's and cover image: Puffbun

Voice acting:
Narrator: Plotline_Progenitor
Man in Plaid: XemptfulGamer
Maid: Timyxaora
Meilu: Calico
Seanen: Ravensilver
Misaki: Jenna Long (jva25)
Yume: Puffbun
P.A System: Plotline_Progenitor

Sound effects:
Train sound effect by Daniel Simion
Ducks landing sound effect by uair01
Door opening 16 sound effect by soundjay 3000 sound effect pack

"Hopefully, you'll enjoy your visit to the peaceful little town of Valerie's Rest" :)
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Re: Valerie's Rest [Family_Friendly] [Heartwarming] [Short]

#2 Post by Godline » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:06 am

Google Play version has been bug fixed and updated to Android 8.0.
As with all the new updates it's only for newer devices:
Requires Android 4.4 and up.

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