When Aster Falls [Free] [Yuri] [LGBT+] [Maximum Monster Month]

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When Aster Falls [Free] [Yuri] [LGBT+] [Maximum Monster Month]

#1 Post by timepatches » Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:52 am

Out now on itch.io!

When Aster the succubus is assigned to human Rohan as her target, it seems like a simple enough job. Humans are an easy assignment, after all.
Turns out that when a succubus is more than a little burned out, and when their target happens to be a feisty, blunt asexual, an easy assignment gets a little more complicated.


Happy Maximum Monster Month!
This VN was produced almost solo by Sad Ghost Studio's timepatches, but she did have some help!
with beautiful CG artwork from the lovely:
and creative commons resources from:
Shida (sprites)
sei.chan (background)
QQQnoQnoQ (main menu background)
Artificial.Music (all background tracks)


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