YOLO [NaNoReNo2019][FREE][Black Humour][Comedy][Chibi Style][Short VN]

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YOLO [NaNoReNo2019][FREE][Black Humour][Comedy][Chibi Style][Short VN]

#1 Post by Banya » Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:48 pm

I can't believe I made it! My entry for Nanoreno is complete, so I can finally present you a minigame.
YOLO, You Live Only Twice. In this short VN you play as a girl who...

"So, you received the opportunity of coming back to life. Sail on my boat, start over again and fix one of your major delusions back in time!
Would you take the opportunity and rewrite your own history or conclude that errors lead you to your current self? Well, may be the luck with you."

- Lethe

1. No Route system, but multiple endings.
2. Free name for the MC. She has one, though.
3. The team is solo. Yeah.

I made sure the credits are readable easily!
And I hope that this little mini game will make you laugh at least once. Or twice. Pun non intended!

Download the game here: https://banya.itch.io/yolo-you-only-live-twice


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Re: YOLO [NaNoReNo2019][FREE][Black Humour][Comedy][Chibi Style][Short VN]

#2 Post by andalusian » Sat May 04, 2019 9:15 pm

* female sprite and textbox look very good
* the planet bg is very effective
* the 90s bg does not match the others

* music is very good

* fun story overall
* i liked the structure
* it might have been nice to mention that the main character is a girl BEFORE asking to name her
* the 90s ending is worded a bit confusingly
* the wording of the automatic "do you want to go ahead and make your choice" lines after each visit is awkward, it usually does not fit in with the previous sentences. Especially bad are the "choices": "No, let's go ahead" leads the player to the final choice, while the dialogue preceding the query may have suggested they are simply going ahead to the next stop in her life.
* it may have been nice to differentiate the ?? descriptions at least slightly, perhaps by a hint, so that the player could think, "aha, so that is what that hint about that ending meant" once she goes there

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