Monochrome Blues [Dramedy] [Psychological] [Sci-Fi] [Free]

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Monochrome Blues [Dramedy] [Psychological] [Sci-Fi] [Free]

#1 Post by LIZM » Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:35 pm


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If art is a reflection of yourself, then nothing good is gonna come from it.
Unless you're ready to become a masterpiece.

To get back into the groove after a traumatic loss, Maja starts a new job as a preschool teacher.
And somewhere among the children she meets, lies the key to a strange future that's much closer than she thinks...


A bizarre journey that begins at a preschool and ends... yeah, I'm not sure how we ended up here.
  • 27,000 words (~2 hours)
  • Writing, character design & art, coding by LIZM
  • Music by Noyemi K. and CrysetBase
  • Background art by Quandial
  • Created within 26 days for NaNoRenO 2019.





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Re: Monochrome Blues [Dramedy] [Psychological] [Sci-Fi] [Free]

#2 Post by andalusian » Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:16 am

very good! the best game made during any nanoreno that i have played, in my top 10 of all renpy games.


* the "five" being rewritten to "four" text effect is nice

* the character art is very good. clean, expressive, consistent, a good level of detail, fits well with bg

* it is satisfying that the lines of text actually match up with the lines on the lined paper ui panel. strangely very often i see a game fail at that

* the drawings on the whiteboard have white outlines around the dark strokes, that was probably not intentional (because it means it does not actually look like something drawn on a whiteboard with a marker)? in any case the whiteboard drawings hurt the game - the player is trying to put together clues to understand what is going on, and then in a prominent place you have fourth wall breaking references with no relation to plot?

* the design of backgrounds is fine but the 3d has some problems - the chairs in the preschool room show segments with sharp corners where one would expect a smooth curve; the shadows on the chairs looks messed up also

* i clicked on everything in "rays lab", but even after that i did not confirm that the "true ending" was really the true ending within the game until i read a comment just now on i wish it had been made more clear, somehow, that the game does not "continue" through rays lab or other secret trick (a veteran vn player may expect such tricks as a different playthrough on second time leading to a TRUE TRUE ending, etc).
* in multiple scenes it felt like the game would benefit from more music tracks to cover a wider array of scene moods


* "maybe i should see a neurologist" a psychiatrist is meant, probably? afaik a neurologist is not someone you go to with hallucinations, unless other medical specialists tell you to

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Re: Monochrome Blues [Dramedy] [Psychological] [Sci-Fi] [Free]

#3 Post by ilyilaice » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:42 pm

This game is awesome!!! It definitely numbers among my favorites ever. The writing style is impeccable.
You did a fantastic job of letting us into Maja's head and state of mind right from the very start. Maja is an incredibly sympathetic protagonist. Her struggles and need for a mental health break are relatable.

The game itself had an unsettling quality, which had me on edge from early on, despite the cheery veneer. I really enjoyed the redacted text effects, glitches, and dark screens. I've only gotten one ending so far - the true ending. I read all the content in Ray's lab and, man, I love it???? Everything about it????? Whoever wrote this part, and the whole game tbh, is a genius!

I'll come back here to tell you what I think of the other endings when I get them. Just know that you've made one player extremely happy. Excellent job to this team! <3

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Re: Monochrome Blues [Dramedy] [Psychological] [Sci-Fi] [Free]

#4 Post by Zelan » Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:43 pm

This was such an amazing game! As someone who works with children, they were written so, so well in this VN. A lot of the times, child characters are neglected and written as if they don't understand the world around them at all. Here, they all have beautiful and distinct personalities, and although they may have a different way of looking at the world they certainly understand a good deal of what's going on around them.

The interactions with the children and the analysis of their drawings was heartwarming and would have made a great game by itself, but the addition of the sci-fi elements was really the icing on the cake and made this game an amazing experience. The creepier effects had me yelling at my roommate about how nervous I was and she just laughed at me lmao, but she was kind of able to experience the game through me and I think she enjoyed it as well.

Brilliant game and I'm looking forward to playing more of yours! I've had episode 1 of Hermes & Gry on my list for a while now, might have to move it up further now that I've seen what you're capable of. ^_^

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Re: Monochrome Blues [Dramedy] [Psychological] [Sci-Fi] [Free]

#5 Post by Mutive » Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:08 pm

I love the incredibly expressive artwork! So well done.

Also, the story is delightfully mind bending. I really loved the distinctive voices for all the children and the way their art expressed what they were feeling at a given moment (I think. I got the worst ending, so maybe I was totally off there). Then I loved how I could less and less trust my own perceptions until well...the ending. (Which wasn't a surprise so much as something that felt organically right with the story.) Great job!
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