Magari ~ Slice of life, Romance VN In Rome~

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Magari ~ Slice of life, Romance VN In Rome~

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Alba isn't running away when she suddenly goes away on a 3 week long vacation to Rome, but simply seeking a much needed break from everything.

What she doesn't expect is meeting the closed off street performer Ilaria, and she certainly doesn't expect it, when chance pulls them together more than once. But Alba has never been one for giving up a chance when it's right in front of her.

What begins as an awkward friendship, quickly turns into more, when both women realize that they may be exactly what each other need.

Magari is a slice of life, contemporary, romance, visual novel made for NaNoRenO 2019. So far it is incomplete, but soon it will be updated with the last part of the story.

You can play it here:


Alba(24): We follow Alba's point of view in this story. She's on vacation in Rome, by herself and spends most of her days exploring the city and eating disgusting amounts of gelato. She's free spirited, a bit over the top, and sometimes brash. She's also not the most skilled conversationalist, since she says whatever pops into her mind, which can get her into trouble.

Ilaria(27): A street performer by night and dishwasher by day, Ilaria works hard 24/7, to pay for her tiny flat in the center of Rome. She's a subdued woman, who hides away her emotions, though she also tends to have a bit of a temper at times. She's reserved, skeptical and at times pessimistic, but she's also passionate, and curious.

The team:
Sprites and CG's: gabicho
Logo: nanna4673
Backgrounds: Royalty free photo's edited by me(nanna4673)
GUI: nanna4673
Script: nanna4673
Coding: nanna4673
Music: Royalty free sources


Finished projects:
A Question Of Normalcy - Contemporary VN, NaNoReno 2017:

Magari - Contemporary, Slice of life, Romance VN for NaNoRenO 2019:

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19 Hours - Experimental, psychological VN:

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