Paths Taken [Dating Sim / Royalty / Slice of Life] [Free]

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Paths Taken [Dating Sim / Royalty / Slice of Life] [Free]

#1 Post by Mikomi » Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:05 pm

Emory is an 18 year old noble of Sharan, a wealthy kingdom made even wealthier by Emory's father, an entrepreneur and prolific business man who's been the king's aid for all things finance for years. As such, Emory is best friends with the king's only child, Cordelian, a 19 year old boy who's being prepped to take over the kingdom. Along with Cordelian, Emory spends their days with Lisia, their personal maid, and Marco, Cordelian's butler. However, Emory's daily, carefree life gets a small wrench in it when they finally meets the princess of a neighboring, rival country, and finds out that Cordelian and her are engaged...


As the main character of the game, Emory's name and gender can be changed- Emory can be male, female, or neither. Emory is a business major like their father, and is typically studying international business law.


Even though Emory is the one studying international business, Cordelian is the one with the love for travel. He loves every second he can get outside the castle, and eagerly agrees to his parent's wanting him to build relations with neighboring countries- if only to see the sites and such. When they were younger, Emory would frequently accompany him, but now as they get closer to being 20 years old they've gotten more focused on their own futures, Cordelian especially.



At first, she seems like the standard princess- aloof, quiet, and cold. However, after talking to her for any longer than a quick conversation, you can see her quietness is a side effect of her social awkwardness. Despite being a princess, her royal advisers fix most everything for her, from her day to day routine to even most of what she should say. She is set to marry Cordelian to better relations between their countries, which have been on edge for years. Katherine is 18.



She's bright, she's bubbly, and she's your personal maid. Lisia loves frilly things, dresses, coronations, princes, princesses, dances, flowers... she loves just about everything. However, she can be a bit clumsy and clingy, much to Emory's mother's dismay. Lisia is 17.



A true workaholic, Marco spends almost every waking minute working. He doubles as Cordelian's personal servant and one of his advisers, but his duties don't stop there- he's also the decoration and planning coordinator for dances in the castle, Cordelian's scheduler, and- the castle's gardener. As part of a de-stress project the king and queen assigned him to, Marco takes care of the greenhouse on the castle grounds and organizes the gardening, something he's shown he's passionate about. Marco is 20.



Paths Taken is a dating sim featuring 4 routes- 2 boys and 2 girls- where you can pick your name, gender, and look. There are no locked routes, and on the Steam build you can unlock achievements for each route.

Sprite Artwork: Violora
Programming and CG Artwork: Mikomi Kisomi
Writing: Celina Rose

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