Lovely Hero [Free Episodic Otome Game][Superhero lovers][Android & iOS]

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Lovely Hero [Free Episodic Otome Game][Superhero lovers][Android & iOS]

#1 Post by loveedreams » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:12 pm

Hello everyone! ^^/
I wanted to share with all of you, the last visual novel game we made with my team.

We have a studio called:


What we do?

We are two people that create games with stories that can not only focus on romance, but also leave warm messages.

We want you to be able to have more than just a love story. We want you to be able to identify yourself with a main character that, even in adversity, manage to find a way to push forward.

We started as an option for the spanish community to have more otome games in that language. But now we translated our games to english so more people can be able to play them! We value and greatly appreciate the support of our followers! T//T So we do frequently events with interactive activities on our social media to have fun with the characters!

Our last release is an otome game we were working for like 2 years! We are so happy it can be available now!
The game is:


About the story:

Ayaka is 21 years old and very self-conscious about her scarred body. She reinvents herself as "Nina": a stylish and successful girl, with great influence in social media. She finally gathers courage to start university with her new identify, believing she will be able to have a normal life this way. But she meets a team of boys that also wear masks to hide their identities, but with a sightly different purpose...







Play it on:

Android: ... vD7lXOJwpo

iOS: ... f4qH6c9zoo

Some important info:
- The game is episodic ^^ We are trying to release each chapter every two months. And we hope we can make it faster >///<!
- The game is totally FREE! You can play it and win, totally free. We have a little store there for those who want to support us or want to have some facilities with the character. But you can have it also playing n_n
- The game include a mini game!
- You can play ALL the routes at the same time. It have a lot of slots to save your game and organice your routes.
- Each chapter have special images to unblock.

If you like the game, we invite you to join our social media to get all the lasted news and to join the frequently activities we do there ^^

> Web:
> Twitter:
> Instagram:
> Youtube:
> Wattpad:
> Twitter (English):

Most of them are in spanish, but we have an english Twitter too <3
As I told, we started for the spanish community so thats why most of our content is in that language. But now that all our games are in english we are trying to be more active in english too!^^ We are only two people in VISUKI and we do everything >///< so sometimes it's a little hard to get everything in all the languages, but we will do our best! >w</

I hope you like the game and I would love to hear your feedback <3 ^^

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Re: Lovely Hero [Free Episodic Otome Game][Superhero lovers][Android & iOS]

#2 Post by JBShields » Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:55 pm

Congrats on your release! Will you also publish for the PC?

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Re: Lovely Hero [Free Episodic Otome Game][Superhero lovers][Android & iOS]

#3 Post by chiharuchi » Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:38 am

This is my review.

I've only played a little bit because it sounds like it's written by a 14 year old. I'm guessing they put their own personality into the story, the writing I mean. which is fine if the writer is an interesting person. But I've seen this kind of writing / personality a lot.. in 14 year olds fan fiction writers. It's trying to be qUiRkY and funny and weird? But it doesn't work. It's just annoying to me as someone who have seen this.. qUiRkInEsS MANY TIMES.. Every character (That I've met so far) almost follow the same "qUiRkInEsS" even if they have different personality.

The narration, oh dear.. It's like / seems like it's trying really hard to be qUiRkY and "different" making the MC some kind of an outcast/weird kid in school. Making it a personality trait. It doesn't work. It just makes her annoying. And she said so many nonsense (which is her qUiRkInEsS I know), saying so many things that aren't necessary. I skipped some of it. I don't even have the gist of what was said because.. It literally doesn't matter if I remember or not. She talked nonsense. Building personality? The only thing the narration builds is the qUiRkInEsS. It annoys me so much. God how I want to get to know the boys but I don't think I can stand another dose of Nina's qUiRkInEsS.

This is not hate, I genuinely wanted to play but couldn't because of the writing. It's my criticism.
I've played a lot of visual novels gurl/guy and this ain't it. At least for me.
Hope you'll do well next time though.

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