Magical Diary: Wolf Hall [Sim/RPG] [BxG/B]

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Magical Diary: Wolf Hall [Sim/RPG] [BxG/B]

#1 Post by papillon » Mon Feb 17, 2020 6:19 pm

Design your own (male) character to attend a school for magic!
Eldest son and heir of an old European noble wizard family, you have been raised in wealth and privilege. Now you want the chance for a fresh start. That was why you chose to become an exchange student in the distant land of Vermont, in the United States of America. There, you will attend Iris Academy, a school of pentachromatic magic, and study alongside other wizards and witches. Perhaps then you can meet people who like you for yourself.

As a student wizard, you will learn new spells, face puzzles and monsters in the school dungeons, join clubs, run for class office, fight duels, investigate ghosts, outwit demons, and try to find a date for the May Day Ball. But keeping secrets isn't always easy. Trust the wrong person, and you could lose your honor, your life, or even your soul...

12 character routes!!! 5 main routes, 7 side routes.

This game was successfully kickstarted last year and is now available on and steam.

For more information visit the old WIP thread.

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Re: Magical Diary: Wolf Hall [Sim/RPG] [BxG/B]

#2 Post by Morhighan » Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:57 am

Congrats on finishing the game! I'm gonna go find my email to get the game downloaded. Well done!

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Re: Magical Diary: Wolf Hall [Sim/RPG] [BxG/B]

#3 Post by qirien » Sat Mar 28, 2020 11:24 pm

So fun! Even better than the first one. The dungeons were clever and varied, the characters intriguing, and the routes that I played (Barbara and Ellen) both had great pacing, choices, and plot details.
I wished there was a little more about the PC's background, home, etc -- when he leaves on break I was really hoping we'd finally get to learn some more about his family, but I understand that's not the point of it. Also, I feel like you kind of left us hanging when we got a choice about where wanted to go on Spring Break with Grabiner but then you never mentioned where we actually went.
I also really like the "notify when something is based on a choice you previously made" notification system. I would love to see how you did that if you feel like sharing sometime, as I'm thinking about doing something similar in the game I'm working on.

Anyway, my kids are really enjoying it, too (they are 11 and 13). It's been nice for us all to have something we're excited about when we're all stuck at home, and I'm happy they are reading, so thank you! :-)
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