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Flour Hour [BxB][Romance][Drama][SliceofLife]

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 7:16 pm
by Sayumi101
Don't leave.'
In a perfect world I would be saying these words out loud. I'd be clinging to the back that is slowly receding away into the distance. But the world isn't perfect... I'm not perfect and I can only pretend that there aren't tears blinding my vision.
That was two years ago.
It took me a while to pick up the pieces, but I'm whole again... Or so I hoped.

Yuki is a pragmatic, reserved baker who took over his ailing Grandmother's shop. But when a decade-old mortgage goes wrong puts his livelihood at risk he has to somehow pull through and save everything that means anything to him.

It doesn't help that he's also simultaneously caught between the newly hired waiter from the city and his ex who seems to have whooshed back into his life.

A light hearted (probably unecessary drama-heavy) BL, featuring
> A mellow Baker with abandonment issues, Yuki
> A sour delinquent type who wears too much leather, Souma
And a cinnamon roll who can't realistically believe the former two dated, Izumi

Sprite Artist: Toxxic
CG Artist:EmbraceOfDestiny
ProofReader: Godline

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