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Project: Perfectly Normal {BxB} {Action} {Comedy}

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 3:31 pm
by sonnenblumen
Project: Perfectly Normal
A boys love visual novel. Follow our twitter.
Project X, a top secret privately funded project designed to train the ultimate assassins, was recently shut down under government orders. Now, dozens of children trained under the program are orphaned. In order to solve this situation and offer these children a second chance at life, the government has created a special foster program.
Our free visual novel game Project: Perfectly Normal is officially out now! Download it here.

Genre: BL, Romance, Comedy & Action

About: A free visual novel game, featuring two male love interests. Almost 120k words.

Story: For seventeen years, Ren has trained to be the perfect killer. Now that Project X has ended, Ren has been relocated to a foster family. In a small normal town, Ren has made it his next mission to become the perfect normal person. Unfortunately, there’s also bunch of people who want to kill him along the way.

Endings: 5 different endings. 2 endings (happy and bittersweet) per love interest, plus a "special" ending. Will you go with the sharp-tongued Kazuya or the playful Haruto? Or perhaps, Ren might find a different path?
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Thank you for reading! If you end up playing the game, feedback is always very warmly welcomed. :)

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Re: Project: Perfectly Normal {BxB} {Action} {Comedy}

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2020 8:00 pm
by Chiagirl
This is a really good game; I was actually surprised to find there was no Sora route but I loved it all the same. Your page mentioned there were 5 endings, but I've only managed to get three of them. I'm pretty sure I got the "special" ending where you don't end up with anyone, as well as Haruto's happy ending and Kazuya's bittersweet ending. So I guess I'm looking for a walkthrough or advice on how to get Kazuya's good ending and Haruto's bittersweet one because I can not seem to figure it out.