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Redeliver [Casual] [ Adventure] [Commercial] [Steam]

#1 Post by nyfarious » Mon May 10, 2021 1:02 pm

Follow the story of Red, a young girl with a goal to deliver messages across the kingdom. Red will find and meet new people, solve quick puzzles and make small decision and choices along the way in this short adventure visual novel.

Steam Link:

About the game:

Genre: The game is a casual fantasy adventure visual novel with some kind of easy puzzle mechanic.
Puzzles: Easy hidden object and looking for recipient.
Story and Choices: The game is a linear visual novel. Though some choices might have a different outcome, there is no branching narrative or different endings. Just a simple linear story.
Game Length: The goal is to have around an hour or two of content.
Achievements: The achievements are fairly easy to get. Some achievements are hidden because of potential spoilers.

VN: Redeliver (Casual / Adventure)

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