Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler [Dark Humour][Free][Choose Your Own Adventure]

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Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler [Dark Humour][Free][Choose Your Own Adventure]

#1 Post by KrunchyFriedGames » Sat May 15, 2021 3:45 pm


Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler

Oswald Mandias is a man on a mission: to drag the country kicking and screaming back to the glory days of old, where a gentleman could rely on the time-tested values of chivalry, breeding and class. Armed with vicious zombies, a stockpile of highly questionable pharmaceuticals, and an iron will, he has recruited you to grow his plans to fruition.

Lucky you.

In this darkly-humorous visual novel adventure, you’ll tackle fiendish puzzles, decide which very curious characters to trust, and compete in a pub quiz where the sudden death round means just that. Will you consign Oswald’s plot to the dustbin of history, or will the past come back to life- in more ways than one?

This is the follow up to The Bunny Hill Horror (also free on itch). It is not recommended for under 15s and caution is advised for those of a sensitive nature. So... you've been warned...


Also, we did post this once before but completely messed it up! The graphic URLs just linked to error messages and... well, let's see if we've got it right this time. If you're looking at 5 blank screenshots (again) please let me know.

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