Heart Fragment: Book One [Otome][Commercial][Steam]

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Heart Fragment: Book One [Otome][Commercial][Steam]

#1 Post by heartfragment » Sun Aug 01, 2021 12:04 am

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Can you collect all of the fragments, solve the mysteries, and find your way to a happy ending?

Genre: Otome, Fantasy
Length: ~8 hours (linear playthroughs) / 18-20 hours (completionist)
✨ Six main paths containing a variety of romantic, platonic, and family-based endings - and bad endings too, so stay on guard.
✨ You influence the story with 200+ choices to make in game, and at the same time you have the potential to influence the protagonist's personality traits.
✨ An in-game feature to check the protagonist's social media feed and unlock bonus content & CGs.
✨ Your endgame partner is ​your choice​. The final route allows you to pick your endgame romantic partner / endgame BFF.
✨ End with a romantic partner AND a BFF - you can have one of each!
✨ Over 20 endings in the main paths and additional 10+ in the final route.
✨ Beautiful artwork, gorgeous OST, and partial voice acting.

In this mysterious otome game, play as a protagonist (name customizable but "Xani" by default) struggling to cope with the hand life has dealt you. Your mother's death was a tragedy, and left you cynical and numb to the world. Now, though, greater challenges are piling up fast - and it all begins when you find out you are not entirely human.

The disappearance of a friend. A sudden attack that leaves you wounded. Mysterious characters entering and leaving your life. Growing bonds. Coming to terms with what exactly "humanity" is...

Please. Find a happy ending. Don't let tragedy be the only option.


The gameplay length listed above is for the currently available "Book One: Fantasy Fragments". All future books will be made available as free DLC to owners of Book One and each book will add similar play lengths.
Book One: Fantasy Fragments | Kay & Clive
Book Two: Belief Fragments | Shannon & Lana
Book Three: Despair Fragments | Natalia & Jasper
Book Four: Project NMCI | Finale

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