Dream of Stars - finally released after 10+ years! [romance][sci-fi][itch.io]

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Dream of Stars - finally released after 10+ years! [romance][sci-fi][itch.io]

#1 Post by inima » Wed Sep 22, 2021 10:12 pm



I'm sure I've been here before.

I launched a Kickstarter waaaay back when, back when I was still in college, and that didn't really get much of anywhere. But—in the interests of not textwalling—I'll keep it short: After a long, long road, and one more (successful!) Kickstarter campaign, I've finally finished the initial release for Dream of Stars.

All the info you'll need can be found on the itch.io page, as well as on the Kickstarter page itself, which additionally contains 115 updates' worth of development history.

If you can, please read the pinned update on the Kickstarter page, if only for some history and emotional context.

I will be the first to admit that it's not, and has never been, solely about the money, but every purchase is one more person I can reach, one more person to whom I can communicate what's in my heart, which has always been my goal.

Enjoy, everyone, and always remember—vive hodie. Live for today.

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