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Dating Sim! Re:Mastered [BxG][Comedy][Free][]

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Title: Dating Sim! Re:Mastered
Release Date: 2021/10/26
Size: v1.0: 129 MB (Windows / Linux), 94 MB (Mac)
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Download now!
Learn more about the game at the official site
Download at

Dating Sim! Re:Mastered is the remake (or more appropriately, “requel”: remake + sequel) of the Flash visual novel (VN) Dating Sim, which was created in 2008 as a college final project. Because of Flash’s end of life on December 31, 2020, I’ve decided to give this VN a renewal, with an updated engine, graphics, characters, and of course a slightly new take on it.

After a particularly rough night, the protagonist of Dating Sim crawls into bed to forget his loneliness as yet another day of him being single passes by. When he awakens, the protagonist discovers that it’s actually May 30, 2020, twelve years after his nap!

What’s more, the protagonist finds that he’s stillin college and still hasn’t found a girlfriend. While usually a successful student, the protagonist is now struggling to maintain his grades and his luck with the ladies hasn’t improved one bit.

Polishing up his grades may be hard but with your help, finding a girlfriend may not be! Can the protagonist win over his dream girl with this new chance he’s been given?

  • Free!
  • A major improvement over the first "Dating Sim" (use a Flash emulator if you want to play the prequel)
  • Three lovely girls, each with their own quirks
  • A short but silly and comedic VN as you "help" the protagonist find a girlfriend
  • Rating: 17+ for coarse language, crude humor and adult themes mentioned


Paulina (left girl)
CV: Sayaka Mashiro

Paulina is a timid girl who gets startled easily. She’s never dated anyone before because she feels that most guys tend to objectify females and only date them for sex. As a result, it can be difficult to get close to her, let alone ask her out.

Cecilia (center girl)
CV: Kaylyn Newell

Cecilia is a popular girl at the protagonist’s college with a high-and-mighty attitude. Like Paulina, it’s difficult to ask Cecilia out for a date but not for the same reason. Cecilia looks down upon otakus, seeing them as stereotypical losers who can’t get laid.

Luna (right girl)
CV: Maria Griffin

Luna is considered a pervert because she’s always talking about things like cybersex but this makes her more approachable than Cecilia and Paulina when it comes to romantic advances. Luna is at the top of her class and may be able to help the protagonist boost his grades.


Any thoughts?
It's been a year since I started working on this project! What do you think about DSRM, what do you like about it? What can be improved? Anything else? I'm excited to hear! :) Thanks for checking out this project, hope you all enjoy!

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