[Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

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[Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#1 Post by TeamBG »

Team BG proudly presents our NaNoRenO 2010 release: Fuyu no Tabi - Winter Trip!

Keiji Ryou is asked to attend a business meeting for work between two rich families that doubles as an engagement party. But the bride-to-be and Ryou's boss isn't looking forward to spending her life with someone she doesn't love... and she might not be the only one thinking that way. In a far off secluded region of Hokkaido, trapped in a raging blizzard, something occurs that will change Ryou's life forever.


Team BG is really excited to have been able to make it just in the nick of time for NaNoRenO this year, even if it's already April 1st for most of our members. We hope you enjoy this title as much as we enjoyed making it!!

- Team BG, 2010

Download links:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/272 ... -win32.zip
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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#2 Post by Deviot »

This is awesome!
I really liked the supernatural twist in the end.
But the solving part had me a little confused tho, i actually went thru the alibis and stuff with a pencil xD
props for a creative game! :wink:
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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#3 Post by number473 »

That was awesome, totally not what I expected. I don't mean I wasn't expecting it to be good, I just mean I wasn't expecting what happened to happen. So much for predicting the whole plot before starting to read. It's not the first time that habit lead me astray.
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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#4 Post by IonicMomo »

I have to say, I really, really liked this game. I'm one of those girls that used to read Nancy Drew novels all the time in elementary school, and waste all my money on mystery computer games...that's not to say I'm actually good at solving them, though, haha. I actually thought that
Ryou was the murderer, because the whole time I was wondering why no one accused him. I recalled the confrontation between him and Souichirou, and thought that maybe Ryou had killed him and somehow "forgotten" about the murder or otherwise repressed it. But that's pretty much the oldest and most unoriginal mystery plot device, dating back to Sophocles I guess, and I figured that wasn't where you were going. So then, I thought that there had been no murder at all, the blood was Tabasco sauce (not exactly, but you get my point) and Souichirou was still alive somewhere, which turned out to the half-true. However, I was quite surprised at the real ending. It could have easily been a huge mess of confusion and disappointment, but you guys dealt the supernatural element really well, without trying to establish some kind of half-assed explanation. I liked that it was kept relatively open, because any attempt to explain would have probably gone badly.
Good work! I have to say, I also really liked the music choice for this one, especially "Cloudy Mirror" and its derivatives. It created a great mood and added to the progression of the plot.
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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#5 Post by Victoria »

I have to say wow. It was really excellently done.
I was really confused why Ryou hasn't said anything about himself - And besides, because I got wrong endings first, I just went to guessing the right option. Really brilliant ending. I felt sorry for Takako (is it the name?) and because no one actually got the good ending, but that's what makes this game great.
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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#6 Post by ludeshka »

I suck at detective games, and this was no exception. I totally had to pick blindly til i found the right ending :D
(Actually, my hypothesis was the same as Ionic Momo's, so I was pretty surprised by the way things really turned out!)
It was a nice read.
Also, the soundtrack! It was GREAT!
Thanks so much for including the music box option, because I actually wanted to listen to the Epic Drum Remix again. :D

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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#7 Post by Mirage »

Excellent game. I really like it.

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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#8 Post by sake-bento »

Definitely my favorite game from you guys thus far. The pacing was good, the story was very interesting, and honestly I think the effects were my favorite part. Everything from moving sprites to the snowfall and the change in the textbox was really well done. The art was nice. Chiyo's design is probably my favorite, but I liked Takeshi's appearance (can't say the same for his personality XD) as well. The music fit very well. Cloudy Mirror (epic drums remix) was my favorite because it fits the genre and story so perfectly. XD A wonderful game, and I applaud you all for it. Thank you very much.
I thought Souichirou faked his own death so Takako could get the insurance money. Do we get awards for getting halfway there? XD

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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#9 Post by Wintermoon »

I thought Ryou was the killer. Logically, all evidence points to him. No alibi, the only person with the opportunity to tamper with the evidence outside the house, and no one suspects him? WTF?

I'm glad you avoided that particular cliché. For a detective story, the real ending is questionable. For a ghost story, it works.

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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#10 Post by Alex »

Uh, that was impressive! Quite an unexpected ending ...
Music really has created a mystical atmosphere in the game. And the epilogue, shown after the final credits - it makes you go back to the story ... And it's great if you liked the story ...))
Thanks for such a game!

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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#11 Post by mangakaluna »

Oh, wow. That was impressive.
I totally didn't see that coming.

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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#12 Post by DrakeNavarone »

I wrote up a post discussing the "fairness" of Fuyu's mystery on my blog here: http://drake.bishojo.tk/?p=227

[ Edit: Yes, this used to just link to the front page, but it's no longer the topmost post. Just be cautious if you haven't read it, it's super-spoilery. ]

I'm pretty surprised there wasn't a lot of complaints about this, as I expected it to be an issue with some. So I really didn't need to defend the piece with this blog post at all, but I felt like it anyway. For the fans and the curious, enjoy.

And of course, thanks for all the plays and comments. All the positive review makes me only want to attempt another murder... mystery... all the sooner.
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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#13 Post by carosene »

I really enjoyed this game, thanks for making it. :) I thought the writing was excellent, as was the art. Keep up the good work!
And now, the inevitable "I thought..." section of the post... XD
Because there was no body (at first) I suspected that there had been no murder, and because of the pool that went nowhere, I thought that Souichirou had either been injured or someone else was injured and for some reason hiding it... I didn't think far enough to link Ryou to it. I also feel stupid for not questioning his lack of alibi until I ran into my first (of many) bad endings.
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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#14 Post by \Nish/ »

Let me start by saying, great music! I love the epic drum remix and even after I finished the game I tend to open it up just for that track.

With that said, about the game itself:
Like everyone else, I suspected Ryou at first but then I thought it couldn't be that easy and I figured it might not have been a murder at all. That's why I chose the "accident" choice and got the bad end the first time, lol. I suspected that Souichirou may have killed Ryou but I didn't expect to have a supernatural element in the end, and that's why I thought it's something else. I haven't played a mystery that has the victim solving his own death, so this is a refreshing change. Good job, thanks for making it. :)

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Re: [Nanoreno 2010] Fuyu no Tabi

#15 Post by Softdrink9876 »

Great game. Just finished it for the first time.

The story is great. Like an 'anime Sherlock Holmes' type of thing.

Edit: took out spoiling info....forgot spoiler block, and i forgot to edit this....but now i did!
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