2nd Teen Story - X.mas (Taken down.)

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#16 Post by Elze » Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:20 pm

I loved it! ;u; My favorite is definitely Phong, but it's no surprise since I've always been a sucker for childhood friends. I don't know how many times I've cried over shoujo mangas that end with the girl getting together with the bad boy type and leaving the childhood friend all alone. Ok, enough of my nonsense, now on to the reviews.

I really liked his route from the start till the end. The way he blushes, his mannerism and how flustered he constantly was just made me go 'awwww' at everything he does. I actually like his boy-next-door look so I was a little surprised to hear her friends saying that he's ugly. Of course, I was even more shocked when he tore off the mask ahaha. I kinda feel the same as the rest though. The superstar/mask thing doesn't really cut it for me. It was hilarious, but it also took away from the really warm and sweet atmosphere that was building up. It might also be because it doesn't really seem that realistic, since he should know that his real face is good looking if he's a celeb. Despite everything, I still like him best, but I guess I would have liked it better if he remained the way he was and she loved him for that. The popular guy thing gets overplayed sometimes.
Khoi Vi:
Okay, this one shocked me too. I had a feeling something was up (I even thought he might have come from the past or something lolol) but I didn't expect him to just suddenly die in her arms. His route was really sweet and I did feel kinda sad when she held on to him. Love the epilogue too.
Vu Minh:
I have to admit that I've never been fond of suiciders and emo guys, so he was going to be the last contender on my list despite the fact that I got him first. (although, he ended up taking the third place since Anh is.. eh.. lol) Apart from his suicide attempt, I loved the route though. Especially the part when he carried her and when he paid for her food. Simple gestures like that make me squeal! C:
I had to turn down the volume when I was playing his route ahaha. I know, I'm a scaredy cat made of FAIL. ;A; I nearly got a heart attack when there was a scream. Doesn't help that I was playing the game at around 3-4am deep into the night. orz;; The good end feels like a cliff hanger, but I guess it can't be helped since the epilogue's not done. Hate the bad ending though asldjlad. I like yanderes and eccentrics but not to the point of getting killed. ;v;
Overall, I thought the game was really well done, with suitable sound effects and refreshing candidates. Apart from Vu Minh, the other guys had pretty unexpected endings and their characters deviate quite a fair bit from the norm too. Which is great! :'D

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#17 Post by IanaBri » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:17 pm

I didn't have the nerve to finish The Anh's side. After about 5 minutes, the music and the noises got to me. I'm a really scary girl. lol. Sowwies!

I played every other path and I thought the stories were pretty touching.

But my ABSOLUTE FAVE BY FAR WAS Khoi Vi. His ending though... I am depressed. He was just so adorable and innocent...
and to have him die like that...in my/her arms. It made me sad.
I could fall in love with a guy like that...
And then when I found in the epilogue that it was basically heart failure,
it (sort of) broke my heart.... *Sighhhh*

Thank you for the game. I was not dissapointed...

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#18 Post by veela » Fri Jan 14, 2011 4:37 am

:D I loved the game - it was super cute! The music was nice, the drawing style was really unique, and I liked the use of the photo backgrounds. Those are pictures from Vietnam, right? They give a cool atmosphere!
hahahaha... the only thing that threw me off was Phong's reveal. I was like.....o_O uhh, what the hell...he pulled his face off? wtf! haha!... I didn't think he was bad looking at all before!! :) ...So, he skips his live performance to visit with her for x-mas? (Awww.. what a sweetie. :333)

Also, what the hell is actually IN the bathtub..........? O____o I didn't want to go back there the second time I played The Anh's route... haha.
Hope you will make epilogues for The Anh and Vu Minh~ Thank you for all your hard work and making such a fun game! I'll definitely check out your other game when I have time.

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#19 Post by Nyu » Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:34 am

@Elze: I absolutely agree with you *__*!!! In normal shoujos the girl always choose the handsome-popular-rich-bad-boy over her childhood friend!! I found it so unfair >_< (Because if it was me I'm definitely going to kick in the face of the bad boy and stick with my friend!!)
Hihi~ I'm glad you played all the paths ^_^ And I've been getting many comments like that about Phong too'~ That's why in the next version of the game, there will be a little change...or you can call it another Suprise ^_^

I didn't think The Anh's path was that scary but I'm glad that you tried it a bit at least *_* And Khoi Vi's definitely one of the most popular guy ^_^ So in the next version of X-mas, there will be a bonus for him! I'm glad you enjoy the game and hope to see you soon~ *_*

@veela: I can't believe you like the music I made T_T (since it was kind of annoying...) It really motivates me~ ANd I'm glad you like the photos of Vietnam *_* You must be the first one to at least accept Phong's ending >_<'' Everybody else don't like his true identity TT_TT Anyways, I must thank you for playing my game~ I really appreciate it ^o^ See yaaaa~

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#20 Post by nefferinthia » Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:08 am

Sorry for taking so long to reply!! > o < I really enjoyed your first game so I was really happy to see you made another one; this one was even better~ I think especially your art improved greatly, I love the style you used for this game > w < And your English got so much better too, good job~ I dont know why but I really liked the backgrounds too c:

Now as for the paths, I can definitely say I liked Khoi Vi best~ He was such a cutie <3 However
I was really surprised by the ending, it was so sudden and really sad too ; ^ ; I don't like it when people die in VNs <//3 (not saying you did a bad job, I just liked Vi too much orz;;)
The Anh's ending
creeped me out a lot, especially since I got the bad ending first. >____<''
I am very curious about his epilogue.

Vu Minh's route didn't really appeal to me much, it seemed kind of bland in contrast to the others. I guess I just don't really like his type ><'' The scene when
he carried her on his back was really cute though~
As for Phong; I have to agree with the others
that the mask-thing seemed really unrealistic and kind of destroyed the message that love is not about looks only. Aside from that his route was really lovely~ The confession scene was absolutely brilliant in my opinion Cx
All in all, I really loved your game and will keep encouraging you to make more~ ^__~

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#21 Post by Lumen_Astrum » Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:39 am

I just played it...

I just got one path done and I'll be trying the others too~ C:

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#22 Post by Nimuell » Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:28 pm

That game made my day. Really.
I returned home exhausted after the exam, and wanted to play something cute to relax, your game just saved me... I liked it so much, all personages were so unusual, and the routes too. Also yay for the good humor. The drawings were good, I liked the style very much, everything was just sоo cute and colorful (well, except for the CG pictures, ahhh, wish they were colored). Aww *¬*

Well may I post a little critique? There were just some points, well... they don't ruin the game, maybe I'm just digging too deep into things.
That's regarding Khoi Vi, who I loved the most ( I'm not original there).
I guess even if he was caged all his life, I still think he would know how to write or draw. Kids like to draw, right? So if he spent so much time at home or at the hospital, he still needs something to do - like drawing or reading books, which leads to him also reading about love and stuff.
Well... that's how it looks more realistic, but corrections would ruin a part of his innocent cuteness. >< I guess the game is fine as it is. It's not always all about logic anyway.
But well, some of those pieces of plot being illogical here and there just made me wonder what kind of world they live in. Somehow depressing if I were to start thinking too deep about it.

Oh, and I liked Phong's confession scene! So funny! Kind of reminded me of my fav manga confession scene - http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_oujvHh_y9OQ/T ... oooove.jpg
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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#23 Post by azureXtwilight » Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:54 am

Hi! I really enjoyed your game and now want to post some comments :3

The Anh's was my favorite path because I really like mystery stories, so~
But the ending felt like unsatisfying, if only his route is longer. I mean, hoe could he forget about his own identity? Or was he only pretending? How about the 24th kid? So many questions~ XD
Khoi Vi's is also my favorite in terms of sweetness, I feel like his ending is the most beautiful from all the others, even if
he dies.
I really like how you end it :)

Quang Pong was going to be my favourtie, but...
His ending, no really. I like his usual face better, and it seems like a bit fake... Sorry XD
Vu Minh... Well, same with above, he doesn't really appeal to me much. Maybe because I don't like suicidal guys? :lol: :lol:

Anyway, good job! Looking forward for more games from you!

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#24 Post by andraliba » Sat Jan 15, 2011 6:44 am

I liked it a lot :D
Your english and story telling have improved a lot~

His was my favourite path :D I usually find horror routes/games boring, but this is one of the few that I liked(it had mystery mixed in,wich I love X3). After finishing his path, I was disappionted that it didn't have a epilouge...I really wanted to read more D:
...Guess I have to wait for the new version ;)
His path was going to be my favourite, but the end somehow didn't fit... I would have liked the ending a little bit more if he was a little bit less pretty XD But overall, I just loved his path! He has such a cute personality and the confession scene was extremely adorable and funny at the same time :D(I really love confession scenes where one shouts their love to the another XDD)
I quite liked his path, even though I don't like suicidal guys. I found it really amusing that the MC reacted the same way to Minh trying to kill himself, like I would: try to stop him and if he doesn't listen, hit him XD The princess and prince game was quite adorable <3
Haha, I must be the only one who didn't really like Vi's path that much. I found his path rather predicable and I didn't really like him as a romantic interest, since he was too much like a child. Don't get me wrong, I did like him and his path(his ending is my fav~).But he acted so much like a child, that he seemed more like a lil' bro rather than a love interest...
But it's just my opinion, anyway.
Also, I liked the music in this game quite a lot :D

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#25 Post by NatsukiDeath » Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:10 pm

OMG I loved this Game!

Wow Twisting Plot!

The Endings are Awesome This I'm so spaming out to my friends to play!~

Anh : What? XD

Quang :Could stop laughing at in happiness

Vi : T__T awwe~

Minh : Woot MC strong XD

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#26 Post by ludeshka » Sun Jan 16, 2011 4:36 pm

I tried your first game, and I really liked your art there, and the stories were cute, so when I knew you were doing this second game, I downloaded it at once. :)

Your art's gotten even better! I really love your sense of fashion and style. All the clothes the characters wear are super original and give them a lot of personality. :)

I also really liked all the personal touches you gave to the main menu, and the save/load menu, and the text box, and everything. Totally customized, and totally cute. I really liked it.

I do have some "complaints" though, because of the story.

I really didn't like the "surprise" ending to Quang Phong's story. I was totally okay with him being "just" the main character's best friend. (I am a sucker for that kind of storyline)
But making him that famous idol singer? It doesn't make a lot of sense. (And he's supposed have been wearing this Mission Impossible fake face at all times since high school or something? It really doesn't make sense. -_-)
Now, the twist to The Anh's story DOES make sense. (I'm not against "surprises" in the story)
Scary! XD

I did like Vi's story. So sad! T_T

My favourite guy would have been Quang Phong (if it wasn't for the surprise ending), but it ended up being Vu Minh, whom I found hilarious. (I totally mean it as a compliment, I enjoy laughing while I play.)

If this was a review instead of a really messy comment, it would be a positive review! Don't get discouraged if I pointed out stuff, since I do it thinking that you're making good games, and can make even better games!

I really liked all the work you put into the artwork and programming with this game.
I'll wait for your next game! :)

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#27 Post by Julie » Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:16 pm

Vi's story was the best for me! ^.^ It was so sad and so touching. He made my heart melt. <33

Minh is second. I've always liked those bad boy types. It makes me squee. <3

Phong would have to be third because he's really adorable, and
I don't think his "fake" face looks that bad. I kind of expected that my character would freak out more or get mad. It's surprising how she accepted it so fast
. XD

Anh is my least favorite because there wasn't much romance in the story. It's really creepy playing his path. I had to turn down the volume of the music and sound because I was playing it at around midnight. Nice effects, though. It really gave me goosebumps. XD

I loved the whole game, though. I wish the CGs were colored and that Minh's and Anh's afterstories were done. I can't wait to see what happened!

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#28 Post by goldengirl362 » Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:31 am

the download link doesnt work 4 me :evil: some help plz

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#29 Post by Iris » Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:30 pm

I played the 1st Teen Love Story so when I saw you made a new one I spazzed. I have to admit that I really enjoyed your artwork and the design of the menus/text boxes. I thought this was pretty great, but wished it was longer.

My favorite character was Pong. I have a preference for friendship romances. His expressions were probably my favorite too. lol. The other characters I didn't dislike. I thought they were cute in certain ways like Vi's coyness, just not I guess attracted to me as much.

I have a question about Anh.
Was the a reason that he suggested checking the living room so he wouldn't kill the MC? When you chose the bathroom, you get the bad ending, and I'm trying to read it out. The circumstances were a little weird to begin with since our MC enters a creepy house, but I had the choice and 'forced' her in. xD. Also, I'm assuming that he locked the door to play a little game since our MC isn't similar to the guy's other victims. I just want to get the story straight unless it's for the audience's mind to interpret. Sorry, if it's a quizzical mess. d:

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#30 Post by Nyu » Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:58 pm

Thanks everyone for the comments~!! >w<
I'm so glad people enjoys my game!
I'm gonna answer you questions about the game when I have more time~!! ^ ^
@goldengirl362: O_o' Can you explain how is the error?!


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