2nd Teen Story - X.mas (Taken down.)

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#31 Post by goldengirl362 » Tue Jan 18, 2011 12:32 am

well my computer says the file has computer threts in it and then it automatically deletes itself so im slightly confused :? :? :?

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#32 Post by SilverxBlue » Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:55 am

This game is AWESOME..! You've done a really great job and you've improved' :D

I played through Khoi Vi, Quang Phong and Vu Minh's path I wasn't able to finish Anh's path yet because I was playing at around midnight and I didn't want to see anything scary before I go to sleep.

Anyway here are my thoughts on the game:
Quang Phong
I didn't think he was really bad looking at all.
I was quite shocked when he admitted to Nyu who he really is. How'd he manage to Keep that from her all those years?
Vu Minh
Even if i'm not a big fan of bad boys I still managed to like him.
I laughed when Nyu hits him and I liked how she helped him with that gang she was actually able to save him, Its nice to see "the knight and shining armor story" go the other way around.
I can't wait to see his epilogue..!
Khoi Vi
He is so ADORABLE with his innocence and all.
I almost cried with his ending and epilogue, Why did he have to die? Why?!?!?!?!?!?
and as for Anh's path Maybe i'll finish it tomorrow when it is NOT night time. o_O


I just finished Anh's path
I had to close my eyes when they were digging because I thought I would be seeing a creepy corpse that would haunt me in my sleep forever, it turns out there wasn't.
(I'm such a paranoid girl.) I felt so stupid I just had to wait for morning just to finish this haha...

Overall I think this is such a good game the customized options were also a plus they were so cool and they looked so original, I hope you'll be able to make other VNs that are as good as this one. :)
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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#33 Post by lilyalex » Wed Jan 19, 2011 7:25 am

VERY cute!

I played to some endings, but I got only two ending that were optimistic; some endings were so-so, and at the others I cried, and now I quited. Maybe I'll try later, but for now I'm too traumatized. It's just TOO touching! :(

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#34 Post by Esphirisa » Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:24 am

I love it!!! Especially because you used your own music and art. I can tell that a lot of work was put into it, and even though most CGs don't have color (yet?), the lineart was pretty. I love your art style... long limbs FTW! I loved the characters' hair especially, and your art was super cute... I haven't played a VN in ages that let me feel all sorts of emotions(mainly fear in The Anh's path... the music then was very effective). Your English has improved a lot. The mistakes are all minor and doesn't affect the gameplay much, but I think I ought to mention two repetitive spelling mistakes. A lot of your 'thoughts' should be 'though', and your 'suprise' is missing an 'r'.
I played through Khoi Vi first. It was touching, but rather sudden. I think Khoi Vi's naivety and innocence got me attached to him. If he wasn't like that, I wouldn't believe that anyone would suddenly fall in love with a total stranger. I went all 'aww' when he died in my arms. However, it would have been great if his after-story mentioned what was he doing lying in the snow.

Quang Phong was rather sweet and romantic. I think I would have accepted any guy who had the courage to give a love letter in this day and age. However, the superstar part was... unexpected and odd. While I had the premonition he would be related to LIE when the main character was watching TV, I never expected it would be him, himself. I think that's a bit unreal, because how would he hide his hair all the time? Wigs cause itches, and I can't believe that he would wear a disguise for over half of his life. Oh, and I thought he looked fine before his revelation.

The Anh was plain scary. Suspense worked very well here, in terms of what was inside the bathtub and where the corpses were buried.

Vu Minh was uber cute. I think I liked him the most(I'm glad I played his path the last, 'cause I'm grinning so much now). It was fun seeing different sides to him.
I can't say much about The Anh and Vu Minh without seeing their epilogues, so I really look forward to them, because I hope to see lots of my doubts being cleared. I wish you the best for their after-stories and any other work that you might be considering.^^

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#35 Post by Mad Eggplant » Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:26 pm

Downloading right now! *--*

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#36 Post by shwippie » Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:56 pm

I love the way you did the menu, such a cute idea! The music fit nicely ^^
I also loved the whole tone of the narration~ made me feel special XD
LOL at punching Vu Minh
I wish the music changed during some of the important moments
like when she's crying
I got really scared during the fight scene for that path XD
Aww the characters have such interesting and adorable personalities <3 I was really impressed with the atmosphere your drawings/text/music created!
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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#37 Post by Miss-Mae » Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:18 am

I finally had the chance to play this game all the way through today and I just wanted to leave feedback because I have a lot to say about it.

First off - I ended up playing until I got all of the guys! They were all so unique and adorable, I couldn't help but keep playing. I was impressed by just how different each story was. Kudos on that!

Secondly... The art! I don't know what it was about it, but I just loved it! I actually really liked that not all of it was in colour. It was different, and in a really good way. The CGs were so adorable. <3

And lastly, I just want to say how impressed I am that you did ALL of this yourself. I had no idea that you even did the music until my first playthrough was finished and I am SO impressed by that. Seriously... You did an amazing job! I absolutely LOVED this game! :D <3

Edit: I forgot to mention until I read through some of the other comments... I was also almost in tears at one point. I love a game/story/movie that can bring out such emotions in me, so well done on that, too. <3
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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#38 Post by kirianas » Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:09 am

OMG! The first path I chose for whatever reason was Anh's, checking the bathtub and of course being scared the entire time. I'll be honest, not what I was expecting at all, almost midnight...I didn't want to touch the game again. I was freaked out. I'm not afraid to admit that I get scared easily, but that's why I don't watch horror movies, and when there's a warning "not for faint of heart" kind of thing I will stay away. This is one of those things that needs a scary warning attached to it. I realize that may sound a little extreme, especially since you may not think it was that scary/creepy but it was a huge turn off to me since there was no sign/warning/something from you saying that it has a "horror" factor in it. I realize you want to surprise you're audience, but at the same time if you were to put someone naked it in without a warning you'd probably make quite a few people upset because you didn't disclose that information ahead of time.
Don't mistake me, I think you did a great job with the game. Yes I forced myself to go back and play again...I just stayed away from the Anh path completely. But I definitely advise that when you advertise this game as a dating sim game you also make it clear that there is a creepy/scary factor present so that people can choose if they want to experience that or not.

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#39 Post by WinterFall99 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:50 am

NOOOOO!!! Vi~ TT.TT Why did he have to die?
The game is really great (but I think it could have been better if the CGs were colored). :))

DD: Anh's path scared the crap out of me (and my sister). I only stayed until she went to the other room and my sis couldn't continue with the digging part `A`;; So... We couldn't finish Anh's path.
2nd EDIT:
I tried Phong's path and XDDDDD AHAHAHAHA!!! his-- face XDDD it's fake LOL ...and when they kissed XDDD ... Anyway, he's much cuter with no mask on >3>

Then I got the strength to finish The Anh's path.... without getting all scared 'coz it's morning... It was sweet but I was confused about the part when the MC fainted before the fireworks.

Minh's story was, for me, is sorta cliché but you managed to put something to make it awesome LOL KFC:3
All in all, your VN is really cool. : )

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#40 Post by Xizurin » Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:46 pm

Nice endings and story. ^0^

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#41 Post by Uruki-chan » Sun May 27, 2012 7:42 pm

First thing to mention... I'm also a vietnamese fellow. So, it's my pleasure~! ;)

Well, what should I say. Overall it was quite a pleasant game, even though I did not get any of the epilogues... (I'm such a looser at this. :lol:) And since I played the game without any extra information, therefore I was quite uhm... suprised??

Vu Minh:
The first route I've stumbled on...
I really loved the heroine here, she's obviously NOT a doormat, but a STALKER! (I wonder why QuinRose pops in my head here. :)) Hahaha... How do you stop a suicid attempt? Yes, right, you punch the person so hard that he passes out! :D :D MC kicked Minhs butt not only once and that was AWESOME!! I loved the "prince-princess-game", it was soooo cute... And the best scene of course: the fight... Hahaha... Those thugs are 1000 years to early to beat our "great demon" MC! :lol:
Quang Phong:
Well, he was the typical childhood friend, even though he was quite a flirt... I wasn't expecting that! Dunno, the confession scene was funny, but somehow this route was too "normal" compared to the others... (Maybe I'm just not a friend of childhood lovers...^^)
Khoi Vi:
Uhm... Wouldn't one call an ambulance if one saw someone lying on the ground?! And where the hell are her parents??? In Phongs route they were at least coming home... And that guy: Is he an alien or what? Can't imagine, that he doesn't know how to write and lacks so many basics in life... But yeah, he's such an adorable sweetie, so I forgive him for being so stupid. :) Whatever, I was shocked when he died so suddenly...I wasn't even sad, well, lets say I couldn't be, because after his (really) sudden death the game was over... That totally destroyed the mood...
The Anh:
HOLY C***!!! I was so DAMN scared!!! This route definitely creeped the hell out of me! Really, I totally got the goosebumps, even though I already turned off the sound... I would NEVER EVER go into a old house in the MIDDLE of the night. The heroine got balls, that's what I'm sure of! (No, I think she's merely crazy!!!) Oh yes, if I see a book, obviously covered in blood, which I don't want to read, it's because it would be RUDE to read it. This is so messed up... really... I would NOT even want to touch it!!!!! (Or maybe I'm just a coward?!) And those "nice" corpses, why am I even digging for corpses... OH MY GOD!!!! *screams*
The Anh somehow seemed NOT normal at all, I mean, he lives in such a scary place... Yeah, I know he is the murderer, the revelation was so awful, I was just like this: :shock: I don't even want to know his epilogue, I guess it will turn out to be scary as hell as well..
So far I liked Vu Minhs route the most.
The art was quite nice, even though the CG's were not coloured and the stories were interesting, but sometimes it lacked realism... ^^ But well, it's not a professional game, so it's okay.

Thanks for the hard work!
It was really fun to play and totally loved the Skip-Button. :)

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#42 Post by blueyuzuko » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:25 pm

omfg it's like two in the morning and I did Ahn's path, got the good end first, then the bad...... and I'm not GOOD WITH GHOST STORIES OKAy I'm going to pee my pants laskjeoixjifwo ;_; the sound wasn't even on and I'm still scared.

Other than that, though, the other's were pretty good, though I'd have to say that my favorite was Phong! He's just really adorable!

p.s. i did ahn's path last and now i'm going to cry myself to sleep

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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#43 Post by eternalwishess » Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:13 am

Even though the CGs aren't colored, I think you should at least bucket fill the subjects that the story is referring to in the CG
(Such as noticing a guy in a black hoodie, but you can't really tell which person that is because everybody had the back of their heads facing the viewer)
. > <"
I felt like my options were very limited because it only consisted of yes/no choices. D:

Overall, this game had cute graphics ~v~ I love the stationery theme you did, as well as the design of all the guys. It's amazing how everything in this game is made by you XD
Geebuz, Anh's path scared me cause of the music. D: Vi's path caught me by surprise...it was sad. ;v;
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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#44 Post by heavyblade » Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:32 am

Awww, this game is so cuuuuute! I totally loved the way you wrote it, with the emotes and all. Plus, when I got to know that you made the soundtracks on your own, I was so pleasantly surprised! That's amazing!

I played through all the routes, and they were all fun! But certain things stood out so well!
* Khoi's innocence was so cute! <3
* I love the part where the MC just punches the guy to stop him from committing suicide! XD
* Anh's path was pretty creepy! You got the atmosphere right! : D
I really enjoyed this game. It'd have been awesome if the CGs were colored too!
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Re: [GxB] 2nd Teen Story - X.mas

#45 Post by litchi » Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:17 pm

Really loved the game :3 Awesome :)

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