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Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:51 am
by Snowflower

Back sure to give some fabulous feedbacks :)
It would be great if you guys can give me some advice/suggestions
if you also find any errors, please let me know so I can fix them :D
Due to the unfortunate fact that I do not have the ability to create my own artwork at the moment, the game lacks CGs
I apologize before hand to any who'd think this game is boring...
Again, this is my very first VN so please be understanding. I am trying out the waters on what to DO and what NOT to Do :)

xoxo Jennifer

Idol Crush is a Visual Novel game that gives its readers an opportunity to find Saino Aru Academy's Miyuki Watanabe's high school sweetheart. With three gorgeous school idols to choose from, Miyuki has the way to somehow seduce one of them. With fabulous sprites & background pictures from Bass, Idol Crush develops intriguing story for readers to follow.

Sprites: Bass
Background: Bass
Music: Bass

3 Boys with 10+ endings
No CGs :(




Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:16 pm
by Mad Eggplant
Wow! Sounds really interesting and the characters art is awesome! *--*
I will surely play this! xD


Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:25 pm
by NatsukiDeath
I enjoyed the Game Short but I liked it!~

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:04 pm
by Rina
Just finished the game! I've played through everyone's good ending, two bad endings and two neutral endings.

The game was definitely entertaining, although the pacing was a bit shaky and there were a few grammar and spelling problems. Otherwise, though, it was fun =) The music you picked out was good. Very suitable for the scenes it was used for.

Anyway, onto the guys:


I went for Jun first xDD I'm a sucker for playboy types. Anyway, what I liked about the relationship between Miyuki and Jun is that they seemed genuinely like best friends, as if the idea of being romantically involved was totally out of the question. However, that being said, I felt as if his 'good' romance path should have been longer. When
Jun invites her to the basketball game, the good/neutral ending is determined on how hesitant Miyuki is to go. It's kind of strange. So he'd be more certain of his feelings for her if she ignored him? That makes sense, but I feel like you should've had her 'ignoring' him more, if that makes sense. Otherwise, when he talks about how he was scared to lose her due to the fact that she was ignoring him all the time, I was kind of like... 'bwuh? She barely ignored you at all o_o.' I felt like the ignoring aspect should have been more emphasised, like her intentionally going to school without him and maybe sitting across the room from him in class, or ignoring his calls... that kind of thing. But his good ending really did make me 'awwwww'. And the scene in the pool was brilliant.

I think his neutral ending was the most realistic. It really is difficult to go from that transition from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend, after all.
Jun's bad ending alert!
Eh... this kind of turned me off, because Jun was a lot more of a jerk in this one than he was in the other ones. In this one, when she confesses to him and runs away, I actually thought it'd be a good ending or something because he's like "I told you to fucking wait!" and I thought they were going to have one of those angry "DON'T YOU GET IT? I LOVE YOU!" arguments or something. But then he becomes a jerk, especially when he's like, "Aw, playing the sympathy card, are we?" I was kind of like... "Dude, this girl is your VERY BEST FRIEND who helps you with everything, and yet you're treating her like this when she's so vulnerable?" Granted, Miyuki did say "I hate you!" but I think it's common sense that she was very vulnerable and therefore wasn't really in a position to be rational.

Oh, Kan. I went for him second. I found the shirt incident very cute xD Although...
when you get his good ending and she confesses to him, he's like, "This is going to be so hard for me because I HATE PEOPLE!! ...But I like you! <3"
I was like "...Lol." I was a little confused as to why he's seen as a total delinquent, though. I mean, it's not as if he's especially mean. When I was on Jun's path and he complained about how loud Miyuki and Jun were, he reminded me of those old men who yelled at kids to get off his lawns. Still, he was very adorable. I think there should've been more talk as to why he didn't like people, though. I think I liked Kan the most, just because of how childish he seemed underneath that cranky old man exterior!

Not much to say on his bad ending, but it was handled pretty well.


Aha... I don't have to say on Ichiro. He was charming, definitely, but there was nothing 'wow-worthy'

Ichiro was the most bland for me, but maybe that's because I've only played through his good ending, which was relatively quick. When he confessed to her, I was surprised because the path ended so quickly. Still, it was sweet!

And one of the bad endings really surprised me:
the one where you stay in the classroom and it immediately goes to the 'No Progress' ending. I was very surprised.

Entertaining? Yes. It's good for your first VN! I would have liked to see more relationship development, however, and maybe even some more interface customisation.

For example, it would have been nice for Miyuki to have some girl friends, and for Jun to still be involved even if Miyuki was pursuing another guy. I mean, he's her best friend, right? Why isn't he still talking with her? o_o;

Anyway. That's the end of my detailed review ;_; Thank you, though, for the game! It was definitely fun.

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:43 pm
by Mad Eggplant
Just finished playing it!
It was very sweet! And the art was pretty well done too!

Well, I think my only critics would be the same as Rina's, and I should say that the story was a little bit too short.

But considering it is your first game, this is really cool and enjoyable! I really had some fun!
Keep it up! *--*

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:19 pm
by Elze
Hello! :'D I played your game too, and enjoyed it quite a bit. One thing puzzled me though. Why is the file size so huge? D: It took me 2 and a half hours to download the game even though the play time wasn't very long. Considering the playtime, I compared the file size to Nyu's Xmas 2nd Teen Story(around the same length I think) and yours was about a hundred times bigger. OuO;;

About the paths (in the order of who I pursued first LOL):

Despite the fact that I went after him first, I must admit he's my least favorite too. Which is a pity, because he's usually the type I fancy. It just feels like his path was underdeveloped and his persona too shallow, with the story moving way too quickly. On the whole, I can't help feeling like Ichiro was an extra character added in last minute and you didn't have time to develop his path or something. ^^;
For the good ending, it all happened too suddenly. He helped her out with homework once, then the next minute she gets locked, then he breaks in and suddenly declares that he likes her. The whole story moved too fast and there were loop holes. For example, who informed him that she was locked in there and why didn't said person just unlock the door for her? Why was she locked? If it was his fan girls, how did they know she was waiting for him when she hardly hung out with him? It also doesn't feel like she had the time to fall for him and vice versa. As for the bad ending, it's like what Rina said. It just happened too suddenly without much of a reason.
I'm not a fan of the tsundere thorny types but I like them better than the playboys, so I went for him next. I found his path very sweet, and while not as developed as Jun's, still fulfilling. His good ending was endearing and overall he was a likeable and adorable character. If I had to choose between the three, I think he's my favorite.
I kinda loled at the "I hate people" part though. It feels a little childish coming from a high school guy and reminds me of how little boys tend to say things like "girls are stupid" lol.
His persona was the most developed and his path too. He also had the most endings and events. I'm guessing he's the 'default' character you're supposed to end up with. To be honest, I didn't like him much from the start because I've never been fond of the playboy types, despite my usual preference for the childhood friend. I think I like the playboy types better when the protagonist can tease/flirt with them, rather than just constantly being given the cold shoulder when a hotter female is around. Or maybe it's just me, since I don't really like guys who favor hot dates over their friends(regardless of gender). Even if he initially doesn't have any romantic interest in her, it might have been better if she held some sort of a special spot in his heart and priority list as his best friend. But despite saying that they're best friends, I just don't feel the bond and can't help feeling like she's the one getting the short end of the stick.
I found the neutral ending rather sad. & like Rina, I felt that the decision between the neutral ending and good ending at the basketball game doesn't really make much sense. The good ending was sweet, but it wasn't rewarding enough to compensate for his 'jerk behavior' in the neutral and bad endings. ^^; When he made her wait in the cold all alone, I felt really sorry for her.
As for his bad ending..
He turned out to be a serious jerk haha. Made me want to punch him so badly. His dialogue really made him out to be more of a bastard than I thought he might be. Even if he was going to cut off ties with her, I think it could have been done less harshly. I also didn't like how little control we had over the bad end. It might have been better if we had a choice between 'confessing feelings' and 'hiding feelings and remaining as friends'. I actually replayed Jun's path several times to make sure I got all the endings, and some of the routes leading to his bad ending just happened so suddenly that they make me question why she even bothered confessing. I guess that problem would have been solved if we'd been given the option to confess or not to. Even if no romance ensues, at least the friendship is intact. Overall, his bad ending left a bad aftertaste that overruled his good ending. Sorry, I guess his personality just doesn't cut it for me. orz;;
Perhaps you can consider more interaction between the characters for VNs next time? Currently, the three routes feel very cut away from each other despite the fact that they happen in the same setting. Especially Jun, since he didn't show up in either of the other two's routes despite being her best friend. It might also be a better idea to tally the character development and routes for each character, because right now the scale seems very much unbalanced. Jun's path was very well developed, Kan's path was sufficiently developed, whereas Ichiro's path was too underdeveloped.

Overall, I think this was a job very well done for your first time. Thank you for putting it together. I enjoyed it! C:

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:54 am
by Snowflower
Thanks guys!
I really appreciate all your input on my first project :D
&& I'll make sure to incorporate your advices on the next one!
I'm glad everyone enjoyed playing even though it was like an amateur work.
&& regarding Ichiro's story, I had a different plot planned however due to some issues, I couldn't complete it the same way. The library lockdown scene was indeed by his fans. I apologize for not further developing that in the game.

THANKS GUYS! It means a lot to me.

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:37 am
by mcandy
The drawings are reaaaaaaaaaaallly good!
Its was fun but too bad it was short

but overall I loved it!! :D

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:39 am
by Snowflower
Elze wrote:Why is the file size so huge?
Honestly... I have no idea :(((
If you know how to make it smaller, tell me?

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:18 am
by Zumi
Haven't had time to actually play it yet, but what's taking so much space is the music. (It takes about 71 MB out of the 122 MB of the entire game.)
But that's just what you should expect when you want higher quality music! Or, at least, a lot of sounds? The actual BGM is most likely also adding to the overall file size.

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:20 am
by Nyu
Waaa~ *_* I was actually waiting for this since I first saw its preview >w<

But the file is kinda big so it will take some time to finish the downloading TT_TT Anyways, I'm going to comment the game after I try all the pathes *_* See yaa soon~!!

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:35 am
by icebluehost
For me it was an okay game for a first VN. My favorite character based on personality has to be Kan (because I'm a huge sucker for icy types) but my favorite route is Jun's. For me Jun had the most...character or personality among them all. I agree with what Elze said. Jun had the most development, Kan had little development while Ichiro barely had any development in his route. The way they got together was also kind of sudden for my tastes. If this game was longer, with a few more plot or dialogue or interaction between the MC and the guys, it might be even better.

I didn't get the feel for Ichiro's personality. If the MC hadn't mentioned that he's the type who's awkward around girls and the type who doesn't have any idea about love or something, I wouldn't have known that he was like that.

Other than that, it was fun to play! At least I got to quench my thirst for boredom for a little while XD

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:57 am
by ofdawnandtwilight
if its possible, walkthrough please XD

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 5:20 pm
by machinist
woohoo! i got all the good endings
maybe ill come up with walkthrough for just the good endings soon ;D

thx for the release vampirezero!

Re: Idol Crush v1.1

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:24 pm
by complacent
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When ever I try, it tells me to look at the notepad thing, and I do, and this is what it says. :\