A Note Just In Case Anyone Missed Me *laughs*

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A Note Just In Case Anyone Missed Me *laughs*

#1 Post by kara24601 » Thu May 25, 2006 9:03 pm

I'm sorry all , I know...I've been really bad about keeping up with the forums and letting you all know my progress. Alas, I still am way behind on several projects. Sometimes I wonder if there's any hope for me. *laughs* Any way , I now live "on the south side" ( Um...Deer Creek...something or other...) from / near Springfield , my new "apartment" is much bigger , even the walk in closet is much bigger compared to my old place. It's so nice , especially since I have so much stuff....I now have quite a few things that I didn't have before , like my own washer and dryer...stove & oven , a new microwave , dish washer , a "two sinks in one" sorta thing ( before I had only one sink to wash dishs in...now I have this seperated two sinks thing but I have a dishwasher now anyway so it's kinda funny but it's still pretty cool in my book...hahaha ) ....blah blah...I've been moved in and settled for quite a while now and never really thought much about the forums. :oops: I still play and try my hand at creating lots of different games. I haven't tried Ren'py on my new computer yet but hopefully I won't have any problems this time. For some reason some things... ( like Ren'py ) went iffy on my old computer and so far things are going better on the new one. ( Well , there was that one weird graphics issue thing but thankfully that somehow ended up fixing itself so I'm pretty happy about that...hah ) Hmm...Any way , I hope that some of you all still remember me despite my lack of participation here. After "rediscovering" all the sites again , I'm very happy and excited over all the new games. Can't wait to play 'em. Thanks to all those who have made and continue to make Ren'ai , other fun & free games , and thanks to Papillon for putting up with me when I was commenting on and asking a bunch of stupid questions about Summer Schoolgirls. The only crappy thing about my new computer is that I don't have any speakers yet so I can't listen to online radio and stuff until I or my dad gets me speakers and sets them up for me. ( I know I could just ask him to set up my old speakers with my new computer but then I'd be without speakers on my old computer and I don't want that because all of my music is on my old computer and I have put and am putting more than enough stuff on my new computer...) The new place is alot easier to clean too. ( except the bathroom floor...I hate that...lol ) The only crappy thing about having a washer and dryer is that I don't have a seperate room for them...Since they have to be a part of my kitchen , it's kinda a hassle sometimes getting my clothes from the washer to the dryer because the new kitchen is actually smaller than my old kitchen in a way. I also kinda hate some of my cupboards. They're too high. Bah. I've talked with dad about it alot though and hopefully someday , ( I keep hoping someday soon ) , he'll add another cupboard near my sink that'll be easier for me to reach so I can have a better place for my glasses and mugs. I'll use the other cupboards for food storage. And I have a White kitchen and I hate light wood ( seems like almost every piece of wood furniture and all the cupboards I have are light wood...I prefer cherrywood ) but at least I have a kitchen. Ugh. Dad's new kitchen is Black. My favorite color is Black. I'm envious. *laughs* Overall though everything is much better. I have a different bed now too , a sleighbed.
Sorry if this all too long and stuff. If you read all the way through this , kudos!

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#2 Post by musical74 » Thu May 25, 2006 10:52 pm

Welcome back! Seems a lot of the older crowd are resurfacing...that's a good thing :)
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#3 Post by RedSlash » Fri May 26, 2006 3:30 am

Welcome back as well!

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#4 Post by Taavimon » Mon Jun 12, 2006 4:20 am

I will now hijack this thread to announce my return as well. My projects are still stuck where they were when I last posted, as university assignments have taken much of my time. Hopefully I'll be able to do more now that it's summer (though I still have a few essays to turn in).

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