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Holy back from the dead batman

#1 Post by Gothik Mage » Tue Feb 24, 2004 12:38 am

Woah... it seems a ton of new topics were added since I was last here... anyways... just checking back in and seeing what all ya added. Also, instead of bogging down forums with different topics... I'll post some news here.
I've added quite a few new things to my DA page for those interested in anime.

Also, game programmers... the stories "Azure Kingdom 1 and 2" I was thinking about turning into a script for a sort of visual novel game thingy. After adding more and cleaning them up. If any of you are the slightest interested drop me a line and we can maybe work out something.

Thirdly, if anyone wants to give me a short summary of what I've missed It'd be appreciated.
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