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#1 Post by Zatch » Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:12 am

Hey, guys! I know that we are secret about what going on behind the scenes about our games but I'm wondering if you can share some light on the what you guys do when making your visual novel.

It can be derp moments, frustrating moments, happy moments, etc...

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Re: Game Developer Insider

#2 Post by Auro-Cyanide » Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:18 am

I'm usually pretty open in my thread about anything that isn't directly spoiler related because I think it's a good thing for a community to share information. It's mostly about the art since that is, ah, what I do XD

Ummmm, I'm not sure what I can say now though. I have a lot of frustrating moments, and moments when I panic about how much work I have to do. I am generally frustrated with myself because I can be very slow -.- Sprites take me a long time and everyone seems to be quicker at them. So slooooooooow. Also, I think I get too caught up in details sometimes. I draw very, very larger, which mean I might be worrying about something no-one will see.

My happiest moments are when I read the story and I can imagine scenes *u* That is very exciting because the characters really come to life. And when I complete something I am happy with, like my halloween image. And when I got to see my sprites blink, I was SO excited about it, even if my family gave me weird looks about it ahahaha.... There are a lot of ups and downs, but that makes it fun.

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Re: Game Developer Insider

#3 Post by JustAnotherMe » Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:35 am

Oh, you know what kind of depression I'm under when making a VN, Zatch. But my happiest moment is when I see my work done, even just a little tiny mini bit, and when someone encourage me XD
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Re: Game Developer Insider

#4 Post by Deji » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:06 am

Happy moments:
- When I managed to make my sprite expressions work in game after spending a lot of time coding! <3
- When I managed to animate a scene after spending a lot of time coding! <3
- When my proofreader told me they were surprised they got to care so much about the characters even when there were no images on the build I gave them to proofread, and told me they wanted to know what happened next! <3

Frustrating moments:
- When, after a lot of coding, everything works fine until...! I realized that rollback/save/load didn't work with the cool thing I was so proud of that I ever managed to do at all and had to go back to the simpler but not-very-efficient-and-not-cool-at-all way that did work. ):

Derpy moment:
- I forgot the last name of my characters... what it was a again? ^^; No luck finding it?? Random Name generator it is until we find a nice last name!! 8D
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Re: Game Developer Insider

#5 Post by Sapphi » Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:43 pm

Oh boy....

Lots of derpy moments. For instance, it's 3AM and I'm writing a scene which involves a 25-year old man and an 11 or 12-year old girl. I'm half-asleep and it slowly devolves into what you would expect to see in a common shipping doujinshi. A few days later I look over the script and think "Oh my gosh, I wrote this?! This is so awful and creepy! This would absolutely not happen!! AHHH! MUST DELETE!!!" :lol:

Or the many times I lie in bed, half asleep, and attempt to say certain characters' lines in the accent they are supposed to have (Multi-national casts are fun). It would be really embarrassing if anybody heard my terrible attempts!
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Re: Game Developer Insider

#6 Post by yummy » Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:10 pm

Happy moments:
- Whenever I create new characters and blend them into the universe I also made. Imagine their lifestyle, their relationships, their aspirations...
- When my proofreader stops making an awful face when he gets to recheck my script (once again).
- Sometimes I read my script again and end up being inspired by it, and find the "calm state" where I'm hyper productive.

Derp moments:
- Same as Sapphi, I guess (but I don't have any loli in my story so it won't happen).
- Sometimes when I have a great character development idea but don't have anything to log, then try to imprint, like repeating "don't forget this incredible idea!", fail and end up forgetting anyway, finally stay in front of script asking myself "what was that idea again?!"

Frustrating moments:
- "Gah! That CG is so bad! Gotta redraw that!" (moments later) "Gah It's even worse! Need to train..."
- "Huh?! When did I find the time to completely mess this transition?" OTL

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