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Re: Get that thing off your chest... Now...

#5251 Post by Decadenttia » Thu May 16, 2019 6:00 am

Can't find a job that is not a slavery offert, and my saved money for bills and needs is running out.
I have no idea for how long I can keep paying internet because I decided long ago that when bad times came, first thing I would do is getting rid of it, considering is the only privilege I keep for myself.

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Re: Get that thing off your chest... Now...

#5252 Post by AsHLeX » Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:28 am

Ah, the woes of being a second choice friend. Especially since it makes it so hard to let go since you know that they still care about you, but just not quite enough.

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Re: Get that thing off your chest... Now...

#5253 Post by Imperf3kt » Sun Oct 13, 2019 6:59 am

My phone just got updated to Android 9 from Android 8.1 (was 8.0 when I bought it)

I... Absolutely hate this "update", so many features were removed or made user unfriendly and Sony's response is to install old versions of third party apps just to get back the functionality that was taken away from me without my consent!

Ugh. Just ugh.
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Re: Get that thing off your chest... Now...

#5254 Post by SelLi » Thu Feb 06, 2020 7:40 am

I do like certain visual novels but I wish I'd end up getting stabbed less. So far, I've been stabbed once in The Way We All Go and twice in Island. I fell of the roof in Katawa Shoujo once as well but that was after my first few playthroughs, when I was experimenting with different choices: it's not like I tripped over it (ironically). Meanwhile, I do my best to be reasonable, understanding, and good in other visual novels, but my words trigger someone's extremely deeply routed issues and they end up killing me. I know that it's dramatic and all but I wish that my saying something that any balanced person would respond fairly well to wouldn't end up with me getting murdered. :?
Also, a lot of visual novels have romantic elements where the main character falls in love with other characters: how am I supposed to fall in love with any of these characters if I know they're so unstable that they can and have murdered me at the drop of a hat? Takes the warm fuzzies out of things, don't you think? Maybe I could even understand characters killing the MC while they were still totally in their right mind - like in a romantically tragic situation where they were still loving and understanding toward the MC but they didn't want their lover to spread a plague, or something like that. That would still be messed up but... it wouldn't involve the character suddenly giving you crazy-eyes, acting like someone completely different, and murdering you in throws of insanity. Like, what the heck?
Heck, I even give Higurashi a bit of a pass on this because, after a while, you simply start to understand that there is an insanity among the characters and that insanity is a large part of the plot and world. It's still disturbing but you start to understand that anyone can go crazy. It's arguably akin to a supernatural force over the town. But in visual novels where the point is something largely unrelated to some sort of wide-sweeping insanity, it just catches me off guard. And then I have to reload a save, go through emotional whiplash, and go through a character poking at me with their snarky comments when one of them just straight up murdered my character not two minutes ago. Sheesh...

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