What's better: extra art/CGs, voiceovers, theme song?

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Re: What's better: extra art/CGs, voiceovers, theme song?

#46 Post by kara24601 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:07 pm

I usually end up getting disappointed whenever people have english voice acting in their projects. I guess I've gotten too used to japanese / foreign voices because they usually sound better to me (especially female voices - I can't stand most american / "english" female VAs!) I used to prefer dubs over subs but ever since I got into the habit of watching everything that I can (even "english" movies!) with subs I've found I prefer the Japanese voices. (but I still watch american movies with american voices because I love johnny depp and other people's voices) Even if most of the voices or some of the voices are well done and I watch sometimes with the american voices, I still prefer the Japanese ones.I don't know why...but it just seems "wrong" for an american voice to be coming out of an anime character most of the time. Besides, with "EOVN" the text and all is already in english....why would I want to hear somebody speaking the lines I'm reading? I can do the "speech" part in my head.... :wink: :lol: And I prefer it that way...nice quiet non-voiced over game aka no voices while I'm reading.

(and I know it's kinda weird that I feel this way and this strongly about since I sometimes have wanted to do "voice acting" and I'm not Japanese, I was born in Germany but am more American than German since I barely know my own birthland's language...I know some things but not a lot and not fluent with German)

I prefer lots of art - (well...only if I love the art in the first place..it depends on how good the art is but I've enjoyed games where the art isn't "omg so amazing" either) , good writing / story , I usually love theme songs but I doubt it would hurt a project to go without one....

I love music but when I'm playing romance or VN games I usually get tired of the music quick and it hurts my head / ears so I often end up lowering or disabling the music even if it's nice music it can be painful to my ears and brain quick i don't know why but that's just the way it is ...I'm pretty sensitive to light and sound at times

Other people have brought up good points about voice acting like "british english" voices vs american or southern accents ect. It just depends on the voice and the character the voice is attached to ....sometimes it's like they pick the wrong people for certain characters and it all depends on personal preferences too like not liking southern speak coming out of an anime character and I'm sure some people would get freaked out by a female character sounding like a man but I would probably find that amusing....

I also enjoy reading author comments and such. Sometimes I will download a game and then be left to wonder why the creator bothered to do this or that or make the game at all if I end up being disappointed with it.

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