WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

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Re: WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

#106 Post by xrominax » Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:32 am

Good art it dosent have to be perfect, just somenthing that show you spend some time at least would be fine
vn where i can make choices

Don´t like:
kinetic vn
in visual novels i hate the mini games so much XD i just want to read the history
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Re: WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

#107 Post by Zylinder » Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:28 am

This is still alive? I shall be an accomplice in necromancing.


- Pictures, logos, fancy section headers
- Interesting story, short and delivered to the point
- Gameplay screenshots (if there's any beyond the standard VN, that is)
- Links to dev blogs and more information, including artist's DA and more detailed character profiles.


- Quotes from the character as introduction. "I won't get hurt if I don't care..." Can we wait until I play the game before you start annoying me? /Zylinder disapproval +100
- Bad grammar
- Can't spell
- Great Wall of Text
- I live in America, but my name is in Nihongo desu, Goro-kun.
- This gonna be big. Like, the greatest ever. Gonna blow your mind with 1500 characters and 2300 paths.
- Bad/No art/GUI.
- I want to make a game like [Insert really great game here] but I got nothin'

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Re: WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

#108 Post by Rinrinnya » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:20 am

I like:
BxG ^3^
GxG ^3^
School setting ^A^
Japanese stuff as long as they know what they're talking about at least ^A^
Cute art ^w^
Slice of life, tragedy, drama, romance, school owo
Mystery and thriller if the tag is /without/ any relationship tags...I think relationships kind of detract from the genre...
A lot of staff! That's always cool to see <3
Of course if one person is doing everything but they are amazing at all of it that's also awesome <3
Looks like it's actually progressing and will be made soon. <33
Of course, the plot has to sound awesome and not cookie-cutter!

Not so much:
GxB-- just not my thing. More otome games are shallow than bishoujo ones when made by amateurs anyway, however there are exceptions, and great ones!!!
BxB o3o These can get really gross and not all deep and meaningful like yuri... ;A;
Characters are really old >A< I can't relate to them, I'm too young~
Fantasy settings usually. I think they're awesome but I guess I just like slice of life settings betterrr
Really American-sounding names with hyper anime graphics and uniforms and such...
Bad art x.x
SHALLOW PLOTS. Eughaghdagal
Bland characters. Mary Sue #3, AKA a brick, nothing special about her, and you have no reason to go after her; but please love her anyway
A team's first project and it's going to be an eighty hour long epic RPG that has fifty different endings and twenty romanceable characters. That'll get done in about fifty years qAq
Bad grammar and writing, of course. omg plz ply my vn its clld sprng brk n the plts rly dp and emtnl the bys al hv thr own bkstrys tht r al lik thr prnts abndnd thm n stuf rly sad bt hpy cz sprng brk n ya plz ply
Kudos to anyone who can read that lol >w< I'm tired QwQ
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Re: WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

#109 Post by Blue Lemma » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:42 am

Good art
Games that look like they will actually get done
Unique themes

Bad art
Games that reek of overambition
Hackneyed themes
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Re: WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

#110 Post by azureXtwilight » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:55 am

@ Rinrinnya : Looks like you just describe my recent interest in WIP pages. ('Cept I am more interested in older characters, but having a cutie little girl or boy will do good <3) I don't comment much in WIP games, since I am too afraid it won't get done, but I usually comment on the finished section more...

Also, for some reason LOGO is actually a major turn-on, if someone actually pays attention to their logo, then it's more likely they will put a lot of work to their game, too. At least that's what I think, though...

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Re: WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

#111 Post by papillon » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:34 pm

Whereas I associate fancy logos in WIPs with people getting way ahead of themselves and being more interested in looking like they've done something than in actually doing anything. :)

After all, for people with the right kind of artistic talent, you can pop out a logo for an idea you just had in a single day... but actually making the game? That's going to take a lot longer.

So, yeah, Logos are cool, but seeing a logo too early in development makes me suspicious.


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Re: WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

#112 Post by deviltales » Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:06 pm

Good writing and good art showed in the WIP thread - I'm both a writer and an artist and I tend to critique a lot..
Original story - as original one can get;
Everything that is under the tag of * mystery* I just love mystery novels!
Screenshots, progress updates, etc.
Animals? not like characters, lol xD. But even a cameo can warm me up - they're just adorable!

High school settings - too many of them !
Weak characters( includes clumsy heroines- it's not interesting if they only cling on others; I want to see some personality here!)
Over-used stereotypical characters, such as the childhood best friend as a romance-able, or the bratty rival chick, or the soooooo loved idol..
Romance/Dating related involved more than the actual plot : Even if the game is tagged under romance, if I see things like " X is Mc's friend since 1st grade and holds a secret crush on him/her blabla will she/he be able to tell him/her before the NeutroAliens can destroy the Earth blabla? - Yeah -.- .
Bad choices in colors : I can't help it, if I see a cute, pink GUI with white text, I'll die.

Don't really care about:
GxB, GxG, BxG, BxB - anything works with me. I'm very open-minded about this.
The gender of the MC;
Genre, I'm okay with everything if it's a good story.
Art style? whether it's Western art or anime/manga, shoujo or shounen, or unique pieces, it's still art. If it's good, I'll buy it.
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Re: WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

#113 Post by Semienigma » Wed May 15, 2013 5:15 pm

Because...I can!

Turn ons:

Fun characters or if there is any adorable characters that would be great. Personality is even better!
Pictures! Even if the art is award I will still find it fun if I know what the people look like!
Interesting story!
Slice of Life
BxB if done well
Nice fashion!!! More than t-shirts and jeans please!
Nice music
High school settings can be fun
Fan service for men and woman!
Catchy name
Asian influenced

Turn offs:

The mC being a moron given moronic choices
Rapist characters that aren't seen for what they are
Blah characters, if any of them can be replaced by a bench and still get the same outcome, sometings wrong
Tons of text and no visuals...
Bad music
Robot dialog if there is any
No sign of trying to complete
Asking for a ton of people to do all the work for you >.>

That's all I can think of so far, but I have to say, this thread helped me a lot and now I'm not scared to do my friendship based game. And I will wait until my demo is done before putting up a WIP thead.
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Re: WIP/Idea threads: What turns you on/off

#114 Post by merdeamour » Thu May 16, 2013 2:34 am

Turn ons:
-Interesting storyline. One that looks, feels, and reads like it was actually thought about, and not just a fleeting idea put to paper.
-Good art. By this, I don't just mean that it's aesthetically pleasing, but that it fits the story's mood, the characters' personalities... Or that the WiP actually HAS art, not just a story.

Turn offs:
-Bad English. I'm not saying it has to be perfect, but I find that bad grammar tends to be an impediment to my enjoyment of playing a VN. English isn't my first language, but I strive hard to proofread my writing and make it enjoyable for anyone who reads it.
-Meaningless choices Choices are what attract me to play a VN--I liked thinking that my choice actually made a difference in the story, whether it's just a flag for a relationship point, or it could turn the whole story around.
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