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Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:44 pm
by Sabrinyan
French 5/5 (native language)
English 4/5 (six years of study)
Spanish 3/5 (three years of study)
Latin 2/5 (Just a few bases, three years of study.)
Japanese 1/5 (Some phrases and words, I did not know anything in writing)

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:12 pm
by DeeKay
Ok, I'm one the the big exceptions in France so yeah, not your typical French guy here.

English : 5/5
My mom taught me American English, she even started speaking to me while I was still in her womb ^^
She was an English teacher in the Philippines before coming to France.
Long story short, since I was always hearing my mom speaking in English and my dad speaking in French, my child brain didn't understand these were two different languages at first so my very first words can be considered to have come quite late (I was over one year old when I finally talked).
Such a breeze in school that was, I was always better than the teachers.
Even in job interviews, the potential employer thinks they're trapping me when trying to make me speak English then bam ! Instant trolling from me ! Only lasts 1 to 2 minutes before they give up on the English aspect xD
I have a few funny stories about this advantage but I'll leave them for later if some of you are interested.

French : 5/5
I started speaking French when I was 3 but I had a funky accent back at first, it quickly vanished. There's a long story behind it too so I'll leave it be as well.
So yeah, technically English is my primary language even if I was born in France.
It always cracks me up when I switch languages on the fly and people are astonished. "What the hell happened ? Did I cross the border ?"

Spanish : 2.5/5
Written only, just a few years in school and since I don't practice I've lost my touch.

Japanese : 1/5
Just a few words, nothing worth considering speaking xD

Tagalog : 1/5
Only words I occassionally get when my mom talks with one of her friends or former students, it cracks her up when I pronounce things in a high pitched voice.

Visaya : 1/5
That's my mom's dialect and it's pretty much the same. Apparently, the family has an expression of its own so I do the high pitch voice thing with that as well.

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:26 pm
by Reikun
English 4/5 - Even though it's my native tongue, I was raised by ESL parents and live in a place full of random vocabulary and crazy amalgamations of culture so my English easily lapses into pidgin English with lots of backwards/inappropriate grammars. I think I'm generally good at English though OTL

Japanese 2/5 - I probably know enough writing/speaking to survive in a place like Tokyo where people are a bit more exposed to English, but definitely not enough kanji reading/speaking skills to live where there are no English signs without having a kanji dictionary with me 27/4... My listening/vocabulary skills are also not up to snuff for understanding most content of native-speed conversations.

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:15 pm
by kaleidofish
5/5 - English. It's my native language and the only one that I'm fluent in.

2/5 - French. I took classes when I was 13 until I was 17. I took it because I didn't want to take Spanish like most kids in my school. I'm very rusty trying to speak it, but I can read most of the French that I come across (albiet slooowly...and slang's impossible for me to understand, not even gonna lie :?). Luckily, I've met some friends at college who are fluent in it, so I've been able to practice with them.

I know odd bits of Japanese from anime stuff. Nothing special or useful - just standard crap stuff that most people on this forum would know. I also know a few random Spanish words thanks to friends, but again, nothing special.

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:08 am
by Firefly
Lets see....
Spanish : 4.5/5 (since i took it for 3 years when i was young and 4 years in highschool)
Japanese: Curently learning so about 1.5/5

I'm looking to learn Russian, Italian, mandarin, korean, german and French later down the line.... Only because i love other cultures and the best way to get to know another culture is too learn their language :)

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:17 am
by Victoria Jennings
I'm native English. I've always been really interested in learning (and creating) new languages. U:

I took 1.5 years of Mandarin Chinese (I'm a total newb orz), and I've been studying Japanese on my own for I think... 3 years now? Sometimes I slack off for a while, though, so it probably comes down to more like... 2 years or less of Japanese. I can read and write Hiragana fine, but I don't know Katakana. Most of the Kanji I know comes from my knowledge of Chinese characters. I can usually understand Japanese when I think about it for a while (it's easier for me to comprehend it when it's spoken vs. written... I think it's because my mind is being forced to adapt to the pace of the speaker?). I can write it, again, if I think about it for a while. I like to think I have a pretty good accent, mostly because I love to sing, and I like a lot of Japanese songs (Vocaloid, lol).

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:50 am
by redeyesblackpanda
Alright, let's do this for kicks!

English: 5 (Native. Need I say more?)
Chinese: 2 (Rusty from living in the US so long, but I could survive off Chinese.)
Japanese: 1 (I'm taking it, but it's kicking my butt.)
Math: 4 (Differential equations, anyone?)
Math :lol:

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:03 am
by bunbun
I'm was educated in Chinese school back in elementary school.
In middle and high school I got into government school which teaches limited Mandarin, mainly educating us in English and Malay.
I then study and work in Japan after high school.
Mandarin(both simplified and traditional) - 5
English - 4
Malay( forget what you don't use) - 1
Japanese - 3
Cantonese - 2

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:29 am
by cuttlefish
4/5 English - Even though this is my native tongue, I have a hard time expressing myself.

2.5/5 Japanese - I've studied Japanese for about 4 years. I'm better at reading/writing than speaking. I might understand something that's being said, but I probably wouldn't know how to respond with more than just a yes, no, or scripted phrase.

0.5/5 Korean - I'm a little familiar with the alphabet, and a few words/phrases.

1.5/5 Math - I need to relearn this in a more appreciative manner.

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:07 am
by Tsuroika
My native language is some weird type of Chinese I think? I only know... seven people outside of my family that can speak it. (No one I ask knows the name of it, I seriously think it's some made up language >.>)
3/5 for that language, I can understand it perfectly fine when spoken to, but I have some trouble with wording things and vocabulary at times
0./5 Khmer, this is my parents' native tongue, though they said it was too hard to teach it to me. (I know next to nothing about this language)
4.5/5 English, I have been learning this language since I was 1 (wouldn't say I mastered it as I occasionally slip up here and there)
3/5 Spanish, I took it for a total of six years, though I would only count three of those
2/5 Japanese, this will be my second year in this course. I can read and write hiragana and katakana with no trouble. Kanji is... I know only about 100. I speak fluently (according to my professor) and I can listen okay? Though I have a whole lot more to learn (kanji, vocab, conjugations, all that kanji...)

I lived most of my life in the US, though I've only been around for less than two decades, so that gives me time to learn more.

My parents know about 5 or 6 languages.

Though I have a friend who is a polyglot, (I believe that is the proper term) that can speak Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Latin, Spanish, Arabic, English and all the other languages I do not know the name of that I hear him speaking in (Not too sure of his proficiency, though it seems he is very fluent in all of those languages)
redeyesblackpanda wrote: Math: 4 (Differential equations, anyone?)
I'm taking that right now! ('Differential Equations and Linear Algebra' is the class name)
Victoria Jennings wrote: I like to think I have a pretty good accent, mostly because I love to sing, and I like a lot of Japanese songs (Vocaloid, lol).
Singing helped me a lot with pronunciation (things like 'iu' or any double consonant 'katta') and when I started learning the language formerly, I would notice the conjugations, literal meanings and other nuances (Vocaloids teach phonetics :D)

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:23 am
by darlo
English (native, UK)
Japanese 3.5/5 - I studied it for four years in uni and now live on a mountain in Yamaguchi prefecture. (should be a lot better)
French 1.5 - Studied it at school and for 1 year at college (only so I could do Japanese at uni)
Spannish 0.5 - Studied it for 1 year at school
Swedish 1 word - skinka (ham).

I know that at my schools interest in languages were never really present unless a student really had a desire to learn them (most commonly students whose parents took them on weekend trips to their European villas and so on). I've been trying to get my nephews interested in learning languages since they were tiny.

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:17 pm
by Nekomiira
Hmm... I guess I'll do this! *tryhardface*

Finnish 5/5 (it's my native language you see. 8) )
Swedish 1.5/5 (I know a couple of words here and there and some basic sentences like: "How old are you?" or "I am 17 years old." My swedish skills are pretty hopeless.)
English 4/5 (Been studying it for about 6 years now. Grammar is my major problem.)
Japanese 1/5 (Self learning at the moment. I know all the hiragana, some katakana and can recognize about 10 kanji characters. I can't read or speak that well and I only know some sentences, but I'm still learning. I understand japanese better than speak it.)
Korean 0.1/5 (I know a couple of words)
Italian 0.1/5 (again, a couple of words)

Languages I'd like to learn: Japanese, Italian, Korean, Icelandic...

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:47 pm
by MysteriousArtistX
Both my parents are multilingual. [Both my parents speak 4+ languages fluently, at one point my dad spoke 6 something he lost only in recent years] So I have grown up with language. I learn languages surprisingly fast and have a good comprehension, but I lose them when I have no one to speak it with. As a result my list will be a bit long XD

English 5/5 (Native Language)
French 2/5 (One of my parents native languages, and I also studied it for a year but I never really got into it)
Creole 3.5/5 (Second language native to my parents, I understand it, can read it, and can speak it - very brokenly)
Spanish 3/5 (There was a point in my life when i could have said I was 5/5, but I lost most of it when I had no one to speak with. Currently I am relearning.)
Catalan 1/5 (I have family in Spain and so I am refocusing my Spanish to be in this dialect)
Portuguese [Brazilian] 1/5 (I know very basic terms, but I am learning this because I have several friends in Brazil atm)
German 0.5/5 (I spoke German as a child, and was about 3/5 back then. However I was very young and lost it quickly)
Gaelic 3/5 (Almost forgot this one since I only use it once a year, I work at a RenFair and often have to sing songs and be able to explain them hahah)

These languages have a minor back story, in both cases my schools had decided to cut offering these classes because they were claiming there was not enough interest. As a result I was made inactive by force and not by choice:
Japanese 2/5 (I was a 4/5, as I had studied it for 3+ years, but since I've been inactively using it I'm back to about a 2)
Mandarin Chinese 1/5 (I was learning this as a stepping stone to learn Cantonese actually and I had been more so a 2/5 but again due to recent inactivity I'm more so a 1 ish)

I am slowly working on relearning, but it's on of those thing you learn one at a time. My life goal though is to be at least an intermediate in most languages and be fluent in: Turkish, Norwegian, Catalan, & Chinese.

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:24 am
by Nellie
Gosh... Everyone is so multi-lingual >_<

@bunbun - Are you Malaysian? xD

English - 3/5 (can hold conversation, can read, can write, IELTS 9.0 - but somehow still not a fluent English user)
Malay - 3/5
Chinese Mandarin - 5/5 (3/5 for traditional)
Chinese Cantonese - 3/5
Chinese Foo Chow - 5/5, Chinese etc dialects - 3/5
Japanese - 2/5
Random EU languages - 0.2/5 ( can count and know basic words, especially the bad ones )

Re: Foreign Languages

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 12:07 pm
by whitenenesha
Multilingual here I see 8D this is pretty fun to know other languages.

I'm Indonesian native. So I'm pretty sure no one can beat me for talking in Indonesian (LOL), Indonesia has wide range of language types from the different ethnic groups.

English -- I can say it is my second language, I can converse well but not accel in writing it (the usual grammar errors). I'm learning Japanese at school, currently learning step by step, reading-writing-talking. For maths, well...I give up :<