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Re: Foreign Languages

#61 Post by mikiwing » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:36 am

I am from Germany so i can speak German fluently.
I can (just speak) Polish since i was born there and i learned English and French at school (though i really suck at speaking French)

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Re: Foreign Languages

#62 Post by Didules » Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:45 pm

:D I've just noticed something:
French 1.5 - Studied it at school and for 1 year at college (only so I could do Japanese at uni)
French 2/5 (One of my parents native languages, and I also studied it for a year but I never really got into it)
French 2.5/5, I also have an A2 in french, but have practiced it more since I went to France and stuff like that. Somehow I never really got to like it.
French - 1/5 (Took private lessons, ragequit. Taking French 1 next year to clear language requirements for graduation, because there's no way I'm going to pass Spanish 4)
French: 2/5 (I've been doing it all these years, but I've never liked it and I never focused on it. =.= I would like to get better in time for final exams next year. ^-^" Can understand basic French writing, but no listening or speaking. TuT *shudders, hoping that my French teacher will never see this*
Why so much hate toward French? X'D
(Sorry, just wanted to say this)

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Re: Foreign Languages

#63 Post by megatuga » Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:13 pm

Well. I had a slightly above average grade on French when I was at Middle School. Then to High School I took English instead of French and French just went 'poof' on my mind. When I realized this I didn't even bother. Really, it is such a complicated language... even for the general latin-based languages

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Re: Foreign Languages

#64 Post by Talann » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:06 pm

Well, I'm basically from Kurdistan (have you heard that? no? k) so my main language is Kurdish...
I grew up there for 8 years & then lived in UK for 4 years (my dad's business there and all)
And then I flew all over back to my hometown and I am currently still living there.

I can speak English (dah), Kurdish, some French, and a little bit Arabic (still learning)
So yeah that's all.
&Oh, I'm a quarter Turkish (unfortunately, I don't speak Turkish)

...and the lonely thing is, I don't think theres anyone Kurdish on lemmasoft ;n;

...And my goal is to lean Korean. Seriously, I have loved Korean language since ages, I know some basic words, but I'm learning it from watching Korean dramas, I still have a long way to go though!
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Nayara NightRoo
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Re: Foreign Languages

#65 Post by Nayara NightRoo » Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:04 pm

5/5 Spanish- Well, I'm Spanish and good at words, so...
4/5 English- I learned English a long time ago (I even have a Cambridge Certificate somewhere...), so I'd say I have a good level (if not, I wouldn't be in this forum)... but I won't say it's perfect, 'cause it's not.
1/5 Chinese and German- I also started chinese classes and german too, but I never liked neither of them (I would have prefered japanese), so I didn't go far with that.
2/5 French- Oh, and a pair of years ago, I started studying french; I'm going okay with it, but I don't think I could maintain a conversation.
0.3/5 Latin, Japanese, Russian...- Just some words and expressions, 'cause I like roleplaying and manga, and I sometimes make characters that speak those lenguagues.
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Green Glasses Girl
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Re: Foreign Languages

#66 Post by Green Glasses Girl » Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:19 pm

SHiNKiROU wrote:See also: ... untries-21
An average Chinese speaks 1.9 languages, Japanese 1.2, American 0.7
This is incorrect. I'm not sure why you would believe an undocumented, non-sourced image from someone's tumblr account, but the average bi/multilingual number is higher than that!

New York Times article: ... .html?_r=0
U.S. Census Buerau: (the 2011 Report has several graphs too)

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Re: Foreign Languages

#67 Post by やまと » Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:43 pm

german: 3/5 (I've been living in Germany for 15 years)
dutch 0/5 (Uh?)
English 4/5 (But I got some gramathical problems due to confussion with my German and Spanish, and probably some weird pronunciation due to mixing German words!!!)
french 0/5 (I hate French.)
spanish 5/5 (My mother language)
japanese 3/5 (can converse in JP reasonably well. Reading quite slow, and writting... well, my Kana and Kanji handwritting sux!!! Thanks Junjisan for your patience :P )
portuguese 2/5 (can converse quite well, understand what I read quite well, but not much to write)
russian 0.0001/5 (Only know "da" and "spasiva", yes and thanks.)

Also I started to learn Klingon O_o
but never went beyond the most basic things and now i forgot everything... /cry.

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Re: Foreign Languages

#68 Post by sacredbloodshed » Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:44 am

Well I live in the US and the only language I can speak fluently is English.

However I am learning Japanese, I am 3 months in so I don't really consider myself to have a skill level. I did study some Spanish in high school but I was terrible at it and just slacked off in class most of the time so I didn't retain any of the knowledge.

So my scores:

English: 5/5
Japanese: 1/5
Spanish: 0.5/5

I do plan on revisiting Spanish and I also want to learn Turkish so yeah. :P

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Re: Foreign Languages

#69 Post by RobertSilvermyst » Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:09 am

I only know two languages, and partially know a third. The first is English. Being born and raised in the USA, it was the first language I was introduced to and know fluently. The second language I was introduced to was Latin, but I ended up failing that class with a D. The only things I really knew in latin were gospel songs because when I went to catholic school, I was in the church choir.

The third that I know isn't technically a language in terms of nationality, but in terminology, and that is medical terminology. I went to college to become a veterinary technician (a job I am currently still trying to get into after graduating), and it certainly seems like a completely different language. I've become fairly comfortable in it that I know what doctors are talking about when they say you need a tonsilectomy (a surgical removal of the tonsils) and the like. I still have a hard time spelling some of the terms, but I consider it a second language.

Other languages, I know a handful of words from various other people I have met that speak those languages.

My scores:
English 5/5
Medical Terminology 4/5
Latin 2/5
Spanish 1/5
Japanese 0.5/5
French 0.5/5
German 0.5/5
Arabic 0.5/5

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Re: Foreign Languages

#70 Post by truefaiterman » Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:37 pm

Well, I come from Spain, where we have a WONDERFUL education, which allow us to learn a lot of languages so we look like natives once we start talking.

As an example of our HIGH level, you can listen to this amazing English lecture:

Oh, yeah... Well, in Spain that's pretty much the best you'll see in most schools. I learned my (broken) English with videogames and the Internet (I consider myself low-level, but I always had high-scores), they tried to teach me French (didn't like it, I blame the teacher) and a little Latin (only one year and a few Asterix&Obelix comics xD) so... duh.

Spanish- 5,5/5 -A lot of people can't even speak Spanish properly, so... ngh.
English- 3,5/5 -I have too little spoken level since, most of the time, I don't have a chance to speak in English at all. I have no trouble reading it (I'm in a EVN community, right? :P ) and, if spoken a little clearly, I can listen to it well too. My writen English... you're just suffering it.
French- 1/5 -The most complex phrase I've ever said is "J'ai perdi ma plume en le jardin de ma tante" (I lost my pen at my aunt's garden). And I read that in a comic xD My second phrase is "J'ai ne parle Français" (I don't speak French... and I don't even know if I say it well).
Japanese- ANIMU/5 -That's pretty much it... desu.
Latin- 0,1/5 -Alea jacta est... desu.
German- 0,1/5 -I learned some VERY basic vocabulary and a LITTLE about how to pronounce it... It could be interesting to learn more, though.
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Re: Foreign Languages

#71 Post by Armee » Wed Sep 18, 2013 5:59 am

I admire everybody for knowing a lot of language as I never feel confident about my language skill ⊙▽⊙ I'm only know some and I'm not influent at any except my native language. I see many people trying Japanese? I don't have any reason to learn it so I don't, understand words like 'baka' or some other common words in anime and such to me doesn't count as some knowledge as I'm only know how to say Hello and Goodbye (and some other words ...) //tears in shame
Okay here we go
Vietnamese - 6/5 (Right...native?)
English - 4/5 (Enough to not often humiliate myself π_π)
AND DONE! //cover face in shame as I run away

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Re: Foreign Languages

#72 Post by euphorics » Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:34 pm

I really have no idea how people can hold onto more than maybe two languages at once; using one more than the other always makes me forget everything/get mixed up and it's just all sorts of bad ;_;

I'm Taiwanese American, so I grew up speaking Mandarin Chinese first, then English as I entered grade school! Living away from home and graduating from Chinese school has rendered my Chinese increasingly rusty, sadly u__u It also doesn't help that I started learning Japanese soon after high school, so the kanji keeps mixing in with Chinese characters and I just don't know anymore;;
Learned a bit of French in high school too, just enough to do okay in class haha... forgot everything afterwards, of course orz Would love to re-learn it someday though, along with a bunch of other languages~

English - 5/5 (native)
Mandarin Chinese - 4/5 (fluent enough to sound native, but my vocabulary's terrible)
Japanese - 1.5~2/5?? (two years of college classes; writing and reading are best, speaking is terrible, vocab is pitifully tiny)
And a couple words/phrases in various other languages (Cantonese, Spanish.. one or two words in Korean??) that don't really count, lol.
Seeing all the different languages here is really inspiring, though *__*
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Re: Foreign Languages

#73 Post by Viobli » Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:02 am

Over here, I learn two languages from young and pick up (?) languages along the way. Chinese and English are the languages that I learn about ^^
Chinese - 5/5 (Hearing, reading, writing OK.)
English - 4.5/5 (Hearing, reading OK, I'm bad at vocab & sentence structures for writing.)
And then I manage to learn a little Malay (My mother speaks Malay to her customers... but actually I don't even bother to listen and learn so I rarely even learn any Malay.) I can sing Korean songs, but most of the time I don't even know what I'm singing O.o #logic. I guess I know really really basic Korean. I also know a little Japanese from anime, and that's it v.v

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Re: Foreign Languages

#74 Post by AsHLeX » Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:02 am

What languages do you speak (or had learned once at least)? And where do you live (just to compare) :3
I'm bilingual and can speak 2 languages fluently - English and Malay. (Although my native language is English.)

I know this isn't really part of the question but most people in my country can usually speak either English/Malay fluently coupled with their native language - I'm one of the exceptions since I'm a Chinese born but don't speak Chinese fluently - ah what am I saying, I don't speak it at all.

Kinda ashamed to say that though since it is supposed to be my cultural language.

I do understand a certain amount of Mandarin - enough to know the basic conversation like "How are you" "Where are you from" "Where are your friends" "What do you study" "Where do you study" but I don't really consider that "knowing a language". I I said I'm kinda ashamed that I can't speak it well - I've always been intending to learn but never got very far.

On a side note, I've been meaning to learn Esperanto during my coming long break (Yay!). Hehehehe...we'll see how that turns out.

Oh right. I'm from Malaysia :) (any other Malaysians here out of curiosity?)

On a side note, any LOTR fans here speak Quenya/Sindarin?

On an extra side note (sorry) the last post seemed to be months ago...Should I still be replying to this thread? :( Sorry for the late reply..

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Re: Foreign Languages

#75 Post by ibukichan » Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:26 am

English- 5/5
French- 2/5
Japanese- 3/5 (I can understand it, but can't write/read)
Russian- 1/5
Spanish- 1/5
Italian- 2/5
Dutch- 1/5

maybe if i wouldnt try to learn 6 languages at the same time id be more successful

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