Can you still remember how you found these forums?

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Re: Can you still remember how you found these forums?

#16 Post by Cidz » Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:51 pm


Found out about Otome games > Found out about english otome games > found out they came from lemmasoft forums > realized I could also make an otome game > made acct.

Also there was a lot of lurking and secretly stalking you guys for awhile before I signed up. >_>

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Re: Can you still remember how you found these forums?

#17 Post by KittyKatStar » Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:03 am

thedarkdefender wrote:Or did the forums found you?
Personally, I can't remember how I became a member here :oops:
I signed up only a few months back and I don't even remember. ._. *checks guestbook*
"Hi, I'm Kitty. Obviously new, but lurked here for a bit."
Okay, how long have I lurked... D:

I have no idea. >_< As soon as I discovered Ripples and Flower Shop in the Apple Store, and Moonlight Walks, I guess I always sorta knew the forums were around and people developed VNs. Sometimes I'd check for new VNs just for fun. (2010 and beyond prob.)

However I didn't get real interested in VNs and the making process in general until 6ish months back, when I started following Winter Wolves and similar companies that worked on otome VNs. ^^; And I only signed up after I started writing since I thought it'd be nice to get to know the community, improve my writing, help out if I can with other projects (beta, show interest/support etc), make friends, etc.

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Re: Can you still remember how you found these forums?

#18 Post by michi 18 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:09 am

I was doing googlesearch about sim otome games and downloaded azure's fantasia games and also teacup's planets game and stumbled up on this forums.
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Re: Can you still remember how you found these forums?

#19 Post by MarineScripter » Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:06 pm

My sister and I play a large amount of visual novels. She found the forums first, and I followed about seven months after.

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Re: Can you still remember how you found these forums?

#20 Post by Anarchy » Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:09 pm

It's all a bit vague, but I'm pretty sure it was the Katawa Shoujo demo that brought me here (I think I stumbled upon it through TvTropes somehow, but I really can't remember at this point). That's how I found out about this medium called a "VN" and about Ren'py. That's why I'm not as well-read in Japan-made VNs as many others on the site- the English VN community was how I found out about this medium in the first place. Lurked on and off for a while, played some VNs here that I loved, made an account, tried to make a VN with my RP group that eventually fell through, abandoned that account, left for a long time, came back because I wanted to make a VN for a school assignment, made this account, and now here I am. :D

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Re: Can you still remember how you found these forums?

#21 Post by Destiny » Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:20 pm

Well, since me joining isn't that long ago, I remember pretty well.

I play My Candy Love.

There was a discussion on that board for other nice dating games.

Someone said, that Alistair is a pretty good game.

I look it up, play it, see in the credits that it is made with Ren'Py.

Google Ren'Py, find it awesome, download it.

Since I'm no programmer, I soon have some problems. Search the wiki, search this board.

Become a member. Stay a member :3
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Re: Can you still remember how you found these forums?

#22 Post by Lumen_Astrum » Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:42 am

I first knew about RenPy long ago. I actually wanted to use it waaay back then, but I was way too young to comprehend it, and I was more into RPGs when I was still at that young elementary age. When my attempt to make decent RPGs sort of backfired, I was a bit devastated, until I played Fatal Hearts and was led to VNs. Then, I found azureXtwilight and the Fantasia series.

At first I was just a fan of her works, until I decided to go back into the story of my RPGs and rewrite them, and I was like, "Hey, this can be a passable choose-your-adventure story." But I ditched the story line and made a new one, and while I was wondering how to actually make a VN like azure's, I found Ren'Py for the second time.

When I made new stories, I just stayed on azure's forums, but then I got curious of these forums when they keep on linking updates to thread posts here. After looking around and lurking, I decided that if I wanted to make a better VN and be as awesome as azure, then maybe I should drop by, say hi, and post. After all I wasn't that great on Ren'Py at that time, and I needed so much help I can't really work on things on my own.

Then here I am, and I'm staying. I actually owe my entire VN life to azure; if it wasn't for her VNs, I won't be here and I won't be making any of these things. XD

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