Secret Santa 2013 !

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Re: Secret Santa 2013 !

#151 Post by Coren » Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:27 pm


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Re: Secret Santa 2013 !

#152 Post by TsukiShima » Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:43 pm

Alright! Almost all expect one have receive their respective present! :) I hope you all enjoyed this Christmas and 2013, this year was very nice to myself.

And again, I want to thank you all of participating and I truly apologize for all the technical issues that happened during the event. Let's hope that it will be held again next year, and if no one else wants to, I'll step up and host it again, hopefully with more improvements.

Enjoy your remaining holidays everyone! :D

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Re: Secret Santa 2013 !

#153 Post by Rousseau » Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:40 am

I'm sorry I'm so late! But here is my gift to maetropa!
A little story featuring some of the guys from Rikkai Dai (I'm really hoping there isn't a different Rikkai Dai)

This is a fan story, I don't own the characters, so on and so forth.

The sun was just cracking over the horizan, as the bus lumbered southward. With still blured eyes Akaya looked out over the ocean. It had been over a day since he'd left home, and since he'd had more than a centimetre of personal space. Looking away from the ocean Akaya was met with Marui's sleeping face. There was a rough spot on the road and now Akaya had the distinct pleasure of being Marui's personal pillow. Slowly and carefully he started pushing Marui's head back to where it was before so he could enjoy this sunrise. Taking his hand away slowly, Akaya smiled at himself for being able to remove the head from his shoulder without waking. No sooner had he put his hands down and turned his attention back to his window then did the bus hit another rough patch and he was once again a pillow for the pink haired boy. He sighed, consigning himself to this fate for the next hour, to have a pink sunrise on the one side, and a head of similarly coloured hair on the other.

Half an hour later the bus came to the end of it's final winding leg of a journy to Nanjo. The excitement that would have overflowing with this training camp was muted by a strangely cutting wind for this part of the country. Around them was very little beyond a sign that let them know at some point this was where a bus would re-appear. After a few idle moments of the regulars chatting amungst themselves Sanada, the acting Captain for this trip, call the attention of everyone there to him. "We are almost at the site, we'll be jogging the rest of the way" He pointed at a dirt road that had fallen into a startelling state of disrepair. "It's a 30 kilometres from here, so we are going to have breakfast before noon, it's time to move." With that, and with what seemed to be more than his fair share of gear.

Sometime later the boys arrived at a small cottage with a single poarchlight on in the mid-day sun. All of them felt ready to drop from the run. Eventhough the morning had been cold, the place had warmed up to a frightening degree. Akaya looked over this small house, wondering just what winter training they were going to do here. Seiichi had mentioned let it slip that this place belonged to Sanada's aunt who was supposed to be in Hawaii for a christmas vacation, or was it his uncle, Akaya couldn't recall anymore.

Sanada opened the front door greeting the empty house, the rest of the team following him into the shade of the house. After a short break and lunch Sanada lead them outside, through a nearly invisible path obscured by bushes that were in desperate need of a trim, into the yard of an abandoned house. They stood here for a long minute with no one saying a word until Nio spoke up. "It's a tennis court!" This proclomation drew some questioning looks for a moment until it dawned on the others that he was right, underneath the overgrown grass and bushes there were not one, but two tennis courts that only lacked a net suspended by a pair ornate stone pillars. Sanada dropped the bag he had brough, unzipping it and handing everyone a pair of gloves and pruning sheers. There were some mumblings about none of them being gardeners.

They set to work, taming the wilds that was reclaiming this court, Yagyu came across a old push mower that still worked well enough for them. As the work neared completion Sanada excused himself to find the nets that they would be using. After some time he returned with a pair of sloppely folded nets, to be greeted with the sight of the others having a netless rally with some badly weathered rackets and balls they had found near the house. "Alright, knock that out, it's time to get these nets up." Sanada yelled at the boys, his tone harsher than it really needed to be.

That night while dinner was being prepared, Akaya found himself in the basement looking for extra mats for that night. He paused for a second had he just heard something. There it was a russeling sound. "Crap" He was sure he was about to find out this place was infested with rats. He wasn't sure where they were coming from. Then he felt it something warm and soft against the exposed skin of his leg. There were rats, giant rats here, he knew it, just from the massive size of this creature, rubbing against his leg. When he finally managed to cast his gaze down a pair of orange eyes looking back up at him. With it's wiskers and pointed ears, large body fur covered tail and cat jaw, Akaya couldn't help but be impressed at the strangeness of this rat. Slowly the eyes blinked at him, and he found himself blinking back.

A hand came down on Akaya's sholder, he jumped, and the cat ran at this, he looked to see Nio there, "Where have you been, dinner is just about ready, and we still have more training that Sanada wants us to do afterwards, if you don't hurry you'll miss out on the food." Akaya just looked at him and slowly said "There's a cat-rat down here." Nio just looked at him, the southern sun had plainly fried Akaya's mind already. "It has giant glowing orange eyes!" Akaya hissed at Nio as if that would give him more credibility. Nio just patted Akaya's shoulder, as if to say 'I'm sure you think you saw that.'

Akaya's eyes grew wide as he looked at Nio, just behind him were the eyes sitting there, glowing, ready to devour his soul. Nio just continued to shake his head. "Just look, it's right behind you." With a sigh Nio looked behind him to see just an empty shelf. "As I thought there's-" Nio was interrupted by the sound of a thud, turning around he saw Akaya on the ground, with a white cat in his arms, nuzzeling as hard as it could into Akaya. "Just a cat, not rat monsters" Nio wanted to laugh about this. "That's worse!" Akaya countered. "Sanada has been acting strangely ever since he brought those nets, harsher than he normally is, more arbitrary. And now we have to tell him that there's some freeloading cat living in here?" Nio grimaced, after all Akaya had a point.

Crouching down Nio gave the cat a pat, the cat pushing into each pat that he gave. "So what should we do, just pretend like we never saw this little guy?" Akaya shook his head. "No that wouldn't be right, I'm sure he's just lost." Nio paused for a moment. "What would you suggest that we do for him? Put up missing posters all around the area?" "Maybe" Akaya's voice gave him away, he wasn't sure what to do. But this cat had a home that was needed to be found.

A light suddenly came on, much brighter than the little desk lamp Akaya had found to illuminate this place. "Akaya? Nio? Are you still down here?" The voice belonged to Sanada, and the two froze. "Dinner is ready, and I don't know how long I can keep the others from devouring your portion." As he walked the two could hear him coming closer to where they were. Just as he was about to discover them they both shot up, standing as tall as they could, trying as best they could to shield the cat with their bodies. Sanada stood there, relaxed as he raisted his eyebrows wondering what the two of them were upto. "What are you guys doing?" The question had been retorical, he knew of course, he'd sent both of them down. "Just digging out some more mats." Akaya said, trying to sound as relaxed as possible. "Yup, just looking for those mats. Sanada point just to their left, and sure enough there was a knee high pile of mats, just waiting to be used.

"But really what are you two upto?" His gaze was on them, buring a hole through them Akaya was sure that he could see the little white and black cat behind them. Then it happened the one thing Akaya and Nio were willing not to happen, a small little 'meow' came from behind them. "Nio, that's an interesting new alert you have on your phone, isn't it?" Nio didn't have time to respond to Akaya before Sanada reached around Akaya and pulled the cat out by the scruff of his neck. "I can explain." Offered Nio, "Don't bother" Sanada replied as he exited the room with the cat.

After several long minutes alone the two made their way up to where the others were eating. When they got there Sanada was no where to be seen. "Where'd Sanada go?" they asked almost in unison. They were met with a mixture of shrugs and answers plugged my mouths full of food. Slowly the two started to eat, wondering what had happened to that cat they hadn't even known long enough to name.

A door opened from one of the rooms, they saw Sanada coming out of it, now with a new shirt on and no cat anywhere to be seen. He sat down at the table without saying anything, and ate some of what little food remained. Then Akaya heard it before anyone showed any signs of noticing it, the sound of jingling metal on metal, soon followed by the sound of small feet on a wooden floor. He looked up to see what was causing it, but the source had disappeared behind the island in the kitchen. And he heard it, the sound of those little feet landing on the top of the island, he looked and saw the cat, now sporting a red collar with a nametag dangling down with the name 'Sylvester' written across it. Akaya and Nio glanced at Sanada who was calmly drinking his tea, and they couldn't help but laugh, leaving the others at the table quite confused about what was so funny to them.
Merry Christmast, and Happy New Years.

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Re: Secret Santa 2013 !

#154 Post by Pyonkotchi » Tue Dec 31, 2013 7:22 pm

shes so cute i love ;O;

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