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Work under the contract, the minimum payrate and freelancing

Posted: Wed May 07, 2014 1:41 pm
by VNQuality
Paypal in my country (Ukraine) works only on the issue of payment, but will not accept these. And okay, but if you want to work - you have to get the status of a private entrepreneur and where the fun begins.
For each order, even if it is minimal, I have to conclude a contract with stamp and preferably in the original. (courier service, lol)

All major customers prefer to pay for exactly by Paypal, but even if two out of ten agree to another method of payment, I need to convince them to sign a contract, and it takes a couple of weeks.

In the end, I'm in a dead end: can not collect portfolio, because I can not do business with foreign customers, and in my country it is not promising.

Theoretically, I might get a job in some of the indie companies that create visual novels, as work orders are large and fixed, there is already possible to use the contract. But I do not know if they are based on a freelance or on a permanent basis with monthly payment.

Question is:
What is the lowest monthly pay rate?
Above mentioned companies are working on a regular basis?
Have any ideas on how to break the vicious circle?

PS: just wanted to share with someone my butthurt.

Re: Work under the contract, the minimum payrate and freelan

Posted: Thu May 15, 2014 1:21 pm
by curry nochi rice
>what is the lowest monthly pay rate?
>>By experience, I think you need to check the minimum wage exacted by the wage board of your respective city (or the city the organization is based off) well I don't know if that works in the internet though ;_; welp the artist I commissioned kinda demanded? to be payed by the minimum wage (of his city?) which is roughly equal to 10 USD every 2 weeks.
>>though from what I've encountered on the web, circles rarely pay by monthly rate, but rather, by asset (which what artists/musicians usually do)

>above mentioned companies are working on a regular basis?
>>probably, some don't survive to do another game, some get absorbed to another studio, some are just one-shot collaborations/circles. ;_; things might be that volatile. Wait if you mean by "regular basis" is 8 hours a day then I'm not sure... it depends on their engineering/ i mean planning ;_; software development follows a plan so work hours/day might be irregular or not.

>have any ideas to break the vicious circle?

>>make your own company?

don't take this reply seriously, it's a bit noobish.