Uru Live rant incoming...

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Uru Live rant incoming...

#1 Post by BellosTheMighty » Wed Nov 07, 2007 4:02 am

Okay, so lately I've been spending way too much time playing Uru Live, the online Myst sequel. Earlier this evening I booted it up to run through one of the early ages, one with a kind of "ancient ruins" feel. It starts out fairly easy- I solve the first puzzle fairly easily due to discovering that all the Age's puzzles have hints embedded on them in a museum-like room elsewhere in the game. I take some pictures with my gizmo's camera function, figuring later puzzles will follow suit. They do, but it's not much help- although you can snap almost anything with the camera, I can't figure out how to blow the pictures back up to the size of the screen, so I have to either use my trusty notepad instead, or keep running back and forth to the clue room.

Adding to the trouble, I get stymied rather seriously on the next puzzle. It seems to be lighting up areas of the ground so as to form a path to a door, but I solve it, walk the solution, and nothing happens. Turns out the devs tricked me- I had the right solution, but the wrong interpretation of it. A hint from a walkthrough website reveals that the door is a red herring- what you really have to do is walk the *darkened* path where the light *isn't* to find a hidden passage.

Okay, so that's a bit annoying, but it's a fair enough bit of misdirection. If I had been smart, I would have made a mental note to prepare for more sneaky puzzles. But I didn't. Next puzzle- hexagonal square tiles on the floor with symbols on them. Obviously it's another "walk the right path" puzzle. I recognize the symbols from the clue room, and spend an hour and a half pouring over my pictures and other notes to try and make sense of it. Finally, I give up and check the walkthrough again. Turns out, the puzzle has nothing to do with the clues I was poring over! You simply had to step on the trees. Even granting that I could figure that out with no clues and no feedback from the game, there are dozens of trees, and you have to take a very specific path. The HELL?! How on earth was I suppossed to solve that WITHOUT the walkthrough?

But anyway, next problem I spend time trying to make sense of the clue, smack myself after figuring out the solution is dirt simple, and then groan as the solution opens a path which leads me right back where I started! >_< At that point, I've had enough and walkthrough this puzzle and the next one (last in the age). Finally, after much frustration and tribulation, I reach the Obvious Door beyond which lies Some Very Important Thing. I place my hand on it. Open it slides, revealing a dark corridor. I march through, ready to face whatever revelations await me, and...

*BANG* I here the "exiting age" sound, and then the whole screen goes black and doesn't come back up. I manage to quit to the menu, and I can't log back in. The server has crashed.

"Yes, ninety percent would never get finished, and ninety percent of the rest would suck. That's the way it always works. That's how you get stuff that kicks ass." -Andrew Plotkin

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