What got you into VN?

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Re: What got you into VN?

#31 Post by risingbamboobanana » Sat May 24, 2008 11:52 pm

Microsoft PowerPoint. quite sadly. i used to go quite crazy on that program for school presentations.

although what really got me into VNs as a reader/player/spectator was Air and Narcissu. insani OTL!
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Re: What got you into VN?

#32 Post by zephiel » Sun May 25, 2008 7:24 pm

umm, ilike to read, my first Vn is Tsukihime...and i loved it so much........a frind gave it to me.............and now im here..
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Re: What got you into VN?

#33 Post by DaFool » Wed May 28, 2008 3:03 am

bloodywyvern wrote:Hm, well I have to say my very first visual novel was Ori, Ochi, Onoe. I came across it randomly at some point (had no idea where it came from either) and just played through it ending after ending. I think I missed one or two at that point though...

I enjoyed it immensely and it was a great game to peak my interest. Despite that I still had no idea about the actual genre, while I had played more, to me they were just another form of games. From there I moved on to Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime...and well...after you play those it's kind of hard -not- to love visual novels. That's how I got to my current addiction, my next goal, Kanon.
That's interesting... usually it should be the other way around in terms of progression of interest. That's one more point for the OEL vs JL.

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