What Are Some Common Visual Novel Clichés?

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Re: What Are Some Common Visual Novel Clichés?

#31 Post by Rossfellow » Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:34 pm

Perhaps the most common cliché in visual novels or any story game in general is the concept of True End/Noncanon End.

It's nice to see on a one-shot story, but when it comes to a bigger, continuing universe with sequels and the whatnot, invalidating the conclusion you've reached is quite a funny, not necessarily nice feeling.

Dammit, the 90 hours I spent as Hamuko from Persona 3 Portable were all canon! ALL CANON! SHE LIVES IN MY HEEEAAART!

Of course, not every story-driven game has to be like Telltale Games or The Secret World, where instead of changing an outcome, it changes your journey towards it. I sure want more of them, though.

Edit: I like bad ends. They can be entertaining. Ever looked forward to catching this screen?

Case-by-case basis, I guess.
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