Vote on which VN plot I should write...

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Vote on which VN plot I should write...

#1 Post by MasterPuppeteer » Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:51 am


I have recently come into a bit of income and would like to finally commission an artist for some VN sprites. (OFC I'm gonna wait til I have a rough draft of the script.) I thought I was sure of what I was gonna be doing, but now I kind of want to do something else.


I've had this idea since the beginning of my OCs existence. I believe I made a post about this idea on here like 2-3 years ago. I was planning on a fantasy/medieval visual novel based on my most precious bab, Marshall. (The refs for these guys can be found on muhshroom @ deviantart.) It was going to be an origin story of how Marshall met Void and how he came to get his mushrooms, and then go on to describe their journey together. However, as I've started writing this, I'm having a lot of trouble with it. I think it's a really interesting idea that may pull a good amount of people in, but I think it may be better suited as a kinetic novel or maybe even just a regular novel. Which, for sprites that are gonna cost a few hundred, I don't think it's worth it for a kinetic novel.


I know it's probably cliche and overdone, but I think doing a romance plot would be a lot of fun for me! I'd love to do GxG, but the question is, what genre?

I have two ideas:
Witches or demon goils? With the latter, I could even still use my OC Void and make it the main character. I feel like gay witches are overdone, but maybe so are demons? Void is a sinister demon with little to no feelings though, which could make for an interesting plot. Bad end could be Void killing the romance option, and good end could be Void actually sorta falling for them?

--I would honestly love to do both these ideas, but I'm only looking to spend $250-300 max, which would probably only yield 3-4 sprites...So tell me what to do! And tell me why you think that option! Ultimately I'll try writing both and see what I have more inspo for, but I would love to hear what the VN community is interested in :+)

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Re: Vote on which VN plot I should write...

#2 Post by runeraccoon » Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:12 am

I'll vote for the Original one. There's just something charming about someone's much loved OC. As for getting stuck, maybe roleplaying as similar characters will help? As long as you know the "how he got the mushroom" part, anything that leads to it can be a unique experience. :)

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Re: Vote on which VN plot I should write...

#3 Post by Mammon » Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:22 am

The question isn't what we prefer rather what you think the best option is based upon what you want and can do. Everything can be good if done well, but letting your story be dictated by the people's wishes results in lesser products. If you want witches even if you feel it's more overdone, then don't care about it being overdone. Although I think demons might be equally if not more overdone. They even have the succubus and incubus, demons specifically for sexual relationships and stories. Not that people who like either are going to be bothered in the slightest about more of it. And there's always the perfect answer of 'Why not both?'

Personally, I'd say that I'd prefer to see whatever you'd prefer to make. If you have reservations to making a witch GxG, wonder if it's really just about the audience's opinion and figure out what other objections you have to it. Not feeling like it or just not being that into writing it still count as legitimate reasons not to do it. Also, kinetic stories aren't bad, nor do VN get better just on account of there being interactive choice. Quite often the opposite is the case, with forced choices and meaningless branching decreasing the overall value of the story.

About witches vs. demons, that depends on the artist you're looking to hire. It sounds like you already have someone in mind considering the sprite cost calculations, does that person produce curvy girls in skimpy leather attire (demons) or elegant girls in tight low-cut dresses (witches) better?

P.S. I didn't check out the background knowledge you hinted at, perhaps give a link if you'd like other people to.

Want some CC sprites?

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